If there was one celebrity that you could be paired with, who would it be? Perhaps it is someone you least expect. Take our test below to find out your celebrity love match!

1.    What’s your favourite colour?

a) White
b) Red
c) Black
d) Pink

2.    What quality do you think is most important in a man?

a) Good father material
b) Self confidence
c) Intelligence
d) Good sense of humour

3.    Which of these dates would you most enjoy?

a) A barbeque for family and friends
b) A wild night of drinking and clubbing
c) A quiet dinner for two at a classy French bistro
d) Fish ‘n’ chips and a night at the Bingo

4. What body type are you most attracted to?

a) Muscular
b) Wide shouldered
c) Skinny
d) Cuddly

5. Which form of entertainment really floats your boat?

a) Pop music
b) American sit-coms
c) Hollywood blockbusters
d) British soaps

6. You like a man who…

a) Looks after his body
b) Looks after his ego
c) Looks after his mind
d) Looks after his belly

7. You are most impressed by a man’s…

a)    Kindness
b)    Stamina
c)    Wisdom
d)    Wit

8. It’s really important you can do which of these things with your man?

a)    Take him home to meet the parents
b)    Party hard all night long
c)    Discuss art and literature
d)    Have a laugh

9. Pick your favourite outfit for a man?

a) Casual designer gear and trainers
b) Open shirt, t-shirt and suit jacket with chinos.
c) A smart suit with a waistcoat, hat and shades
d) A natty shirt, jeans and leather jacket

Mostly a’s
Hm. brains doesn’t seem high on your priority list, but you’re after a man who’s good with kids,  has a muscular body and knows how to treat a woman with kindness and compassion. Your celebrity love match is Peter Andre!

Mostly b’s

With your fondness for partying and late nights, you’re attracted to bad boys who flash their cash and occasionally get into trouble but know exactly how to show a woman a good time. Your celebrity love match is Harry Styles or Kanye West.

Mostly c’s
You like a man that’s covered in mystery with classic good looks and deep sensitivity. Someone you could spend hours discussing art or movies with, over dinner before repairing to the bedroom for some slow and passionate love making. Your celebrity love match is Will Smith.

Mostly d’s
You’re not fascinated in a gym honed body and guys who flash their cash. For you it’s all about a man’s wit. Forget fancy restaurants, you’re far more at home with fish and chips and a cuddle.  Your celebrity love match is Eastenders big teddybear Phil Mitchell.