Oh Lady GaGa you really do need to just stop. Like stop everything! Everything you think is fashionable, it’s not. I’m so very sorry but I’m just telling you what every stylist you’ve ever encountered over the years should have told you. You’re not cool, hip, outrageous, shocking…and the list goes on. Trust me, it’s been done a million times before *cough* Madonna, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Boy George *cough* and it’s getting old. Ok, so she does have a few ‘normal’ days which to none crazy people is still kinda crazy but more often then not she appears from hotels and on red carpets looking like she just fell into a blender. Here a few of her more recent eye-wateringly bad outfits, ok so they don’t meet the same standards as the meat dress/the time she was born from a giant egg but they’re bad enough.

Narita International Airport 03/12/13 – Newsflash you’re not a 5-year-old girl, but I can almost excuse the Disney Princess jeans if it wasn’t for the ridiculous hooker heels.

Narita International Airport 03:12:13

Promoting ARTPOP in Tokyo 01/12/13 – Members of Scottish Devils Anonymous everywhere jumped for joy when they realised they had recruited another member.

Tokyo 01:12:13

Leaving her NYC apartment 15/11/13 – Looking awkwardly overdressed for the current situation. Oh wait that’s pretty much the story of her life.

Leaving NYC apartment 15:11:2013

At the Sirius XM Radio Studios in NYC 12/11/13 – Oh look a shiny tent ghost wearing Julia Roberts shoes from Pretty Woman.

At the Sirius XM Radio Studios in NYC 12:11:2013

Glamour Woman of The Year Awards 11/11/2013 – I have no words.

Glamour Woman of The Year Awards 11:11:2013

Youtube Music Awards 03/11/13 – Same stripper heels, different day but this time paired with one of Rough Copy’s shirts and false teeth. Oh and she seems to have lost her trousers.

Youtube Music Awards 03:11:2013