A friend of mine sent me the brand new and ever so colourful Stupid Love video by Lady Gaga.

My first thoughts were ‘why is he sending me Lady Gaga?’ as this isn’t the type of video I would expect him to send, then came the following message… The whole video was shot on the iPhone 11 pro… Ah hah, now this makes sense.

I immediately watched the video and saw a colourful mashup of dancers in fancy dress, Mad Max-esque styling and a dessert that reminded me of Burning Man.

If you love colours and love fancy dress, then this video might inspire your next outfits… The video is bright and shiny and easy on the eye… The song, however, is a tad too pop for my liking. It’s not her greatest work.

Take a look and see for yourself… Surely one of these outfits will work for a Halloween Fancy Dress Party, right?