Badoom Badoom! Lady Lykez is back with her new banger I Love My Butt. The track is about her celebrating her female womanly curves, and boy does she love ’em!


“Growing up I got a lot of attention on my butt – everyone always made comments when I was walking down the street or out. I’ve always been happy with my shape but when I was in school everyone wanted to be stick thin, and looked up to a lot of the skinny, slim supermodels. This song is about being happy with yourself no matter your shape or what other people say is the way you should look. It’s about working with what you got and flaunting it! And obviously I do love my butt A LOT so what better way to express it!”

With such an entertaining and somewhat humorous subject matter you’d question how ‘I Love My Butt’ can inspire and motivate but Lady Lykez uses this track as a prime example of how it’s important to embrace yourself and be confident within yourself no matter what society and media paint as the ‘perfect picture’.