NEWS: L’Agent by Agent Provocateur opens its first London store in the iconic Spitalfields Market in East London and co-designers Penélope and Mónica Cruz were at the opening.

This is L’Agent’s first standalone store and actress Penelope cruz said:

“We are thrilled to be opening our first stores. We have been involved in every stage of the development of this brand, so having our own boutiques where we can go in and look at the full collection lining the walls is incredibly exciting for us.”

L”Agent’s creative director Sarah Shotton said:

“The stores have that playful L’Agent feel to them, but still with the intimacy you would expect from Agent Provocateur.”

You can visit the store now at 59 Brushfield Street, Spitalfields, to see the latest selection from the Cruz sisters and keep reading below to buy online.

Many of you have been asking exactly what is L’Agent by Agent Provocateur? L’Agent is Agent Provocateur’s diffusion line which is a partnership between Agent Provocateur and Penelope & Monica Cruz.

For those of you that have been living in a cave for the last 2 years, L’Agent launched in 2012 and has been going strong ever since. The great thing about L’Agent is the price (and of course the style). As we all know, if you wanted to buy a full set of lingerie from Agent Provocateur, it will set you back at least a few hundred pounds and that will probably only get you a bra and panties, which is great if you want to feel the luxury of Agent provocateurs salacious yet sensual collection, but probably not so great on date night when your partner see’s you wearing Agent Provocateur and decides he wants to rip your clothes off. Yep, that could end up being nearly a thousand pound down the drain in a moment of passion (which is precisely what Agent Provocateur is made for).

Fortunately L’Agent prices are closer to high street prices starting from £22.00 for knickers and £26.00 for bra’s. However, do not be fooled by the price. L’Agent lingerie is still as sexy as its big sister Agent Provocateur and still have all the class we expect from Agent Provocateur.

Here’s a few of our hot favourites – Simply click on the image to buy it.

Vanessa White - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur - Flavourmag
Vanessa – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur
Mariana - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur - Flavourmag
Mariana – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur
Danita - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur - Flavourmag
Danita – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur
Cari Bikini - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur - Flavourmag
Cari Bikini – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur
Esma - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur - Flavourmag
Esma – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur
Liiana - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur - Flavourmag
Liiana – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur
Penelope - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur - Flavourmag
Penelope – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur
Reya - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur - Flavourmag
Reya – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur
Vanessa Purple - L'Agent By Agent Provocateur - Flavourmag
Vanessa Purple – L’Agent By Agent Provocateur

 And check out this stunning visual array below, this gallery is simply fantastic. How can you not get in the mood after seeing all of this?

Want to see for yourself? Check out the campaign videos from L’Agent… Did we mention that Penelope Cruz wrote and directed the video too?

And here’s a little secret for you. L’Agent is also sold at John Lewis and is currently on sale, so you get the uber sexy look for even less.