With Lana Del Rey’s fourth album, Honeymoon due for release in September, one of the coolest human beings on the planet releases the visuals for her second single High By The Beach.

In the vid Lana is looking hyper sultry and you cannot take your eyes off her (wow).

From a musical perspective, Lana Del Rey’s songwriting and the video in turn are in some ways rather ambiguous. On one level it appears that Lana is talking about a relationship with a person but on a closer look and with the aide of the visuals this relationship is (it seems) with the press.

It’s clear she understands that she has needed the press and evidently in that rather damned if you do and damned if you don’t relationship realises that she will continue to need them.

The facts are all she wants to do is get, ‘High By The Beach’ but even then the press encroach and invade her privacy. She’s not sure if this relationship can continue but ‘the press’ does not seem to ‘understand’ and continues to leave her with no time to herself-rather like an over clingy and intense boyfriend-‘give me space already’.


At the end of the vid Lana takes out a rocket launcher from a guitar case and proceeds to blow away a paparazzi helicopter which is invading on her privacy. The symbolism of taking out the gun from a guitar case cannot be missed-Lana’s only weapon against the continuous invasion is her music-hence this track and the video.

I could of course be wrong but this is how I see it.

Deep analysis aside-can’t wait for Lana’s forthcoming album!