Hold onto your seats, house music lovers, because the electrifying Soul Session Fest is back with a vengeance! 🔥🔥 After the epic anticipation, this mind-blowing event will now take centre stage on Sunday 23rd July at the awe-inspiring Colesdale Farm, Hertfordshire, EN6 4QZ.

Get ready to have your musical soul ignited as they unleash an unparalleled lineup that will have you dancing from 11 am till a staggering 9 pm! 💃💥 Brace yourself for an auditory assault of legendary proportions, featuring heavyweights like WOOKIE, Supa D, Groove Assassin, Jimpster, Supa D, Masterstepz, and a constellation of many more stars! 🌟🌟

This is THE event that will leave your senses reeling, transporting you to a state of euphoria with the most infectious House, UK Garage, Soulful House & Amapiano beats that’ll keep you moving all day long! 🎶🎵

The all-star lineup is guaranteed to leave you speechless, with the likes of Billy Cocks, Booker T, Groove Assassin, Jimpster, Kismet, Mark Radford, and the extraordinary Masterstepz – just to name a few! 🎧🎤 The rhythm will take over your soul and leave you begging for more!

But that’s not all! Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience, as the stage will be graced by the crème de la crème of DJs and performers. From the soul-stirring vocals of Lady T to the mind-blowing beats of N:Fostell and the enchanting melodies spun by DJ Zigz – every moment will be sheer magic! ✨✨

So don’t miss out on this epic extravaganza! Get your hands on the last remaining tickets NOW, and be a part of the soulful celebration that’ll go down in history as one of the best house events of the year! 🎉🏠

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