With a few days until Strawberries & Creem arrives, things are hotting up and sales of tickets are flying out of the freezer like popsicles.

With that in mind it’s not too late to snap up tickets for one of the summer’s most anticipated dance, grime and hip hop festivals. When you do be sure to keep safe in the Cambridge sun this weekend with our curation of musically infused safety warnings.

‘This Is England’… so you should prepare yourself for all weather conditions like Kano would. Shorts, tees and wellies, just to be on the safe side.

Do not attempt to be a badman! Apply some sun cream and avoid the burn or end up regretting it like Star.One, the original badman’s.

Don’t be blinded by the sun, remember to bring some sunnies or you could always borrow them from a friendly raver, just make sure they don’t mind first.

Drink in moderation or drink water between rounds, either way, you’ll avoid feeling grim the next day.

Always be prepared for when the bassline drops, ask a friend if you must but be prepared to catch those heavy beats, by all means take a seat if it all becomes too much.

Agree on a designated meeting point for lost friend’s, although medical will be prepared to hear “I’ve lost all my friends,” and they won’t judge you.

Most importantly, make sure you set your alarms and double check your tickets, so by Sunday you can ask your mates if Strawberries & Creem was only just a dream.

Tickets are on sale for a few more days and can be purchased here: