Last-Minute Christmas gift ideas for women

Christmas will be here before we know it and if you’re wondering what you can buy for the special women in your life, look no further.

Some gift ideas are tried and true, giving you confidence that you won’t go wrong, whereas others are a bit more radical, but what better time of year to take a chance? After all, it’s the thought that counts and plenty of thought have gone into this list!

Wearables that won’t date

You don’t have to be a ‘fashion savant’ to buy a wearable gift that lasts a lifetime and never goes out of style. Feefo’s reviews of Phase Eight stores make it clear that upmarket clothing shop staff should always be on hand to lend professional advice and, if all else fails, Vogue always has a list of wardrobe must-haves to fall back on too.

Just remember that if you are unsure about size, choose something that doesn’t rely on dimensions, such as scarves and other accessories; when in doubt as to a colour scheme, go neutral. This is when choosing a quality store becomes essential, as you can bypass fashion trends that will immediately age a gift.


An oldie but a goodie, perfume is a present that is far more personal than you might initially think. Unless you are simply replenishing a supply of a favourite, you are going to need to take some time to really think about the scent profiles that you think your recipient likes. Then, you’ll need to consider the brand, bottle and budget. That might be the end of the process for you, but you are giving something more unique than just a fragrance; you’re giving a memory. Every time your recipient sprays that perfume, they’ll think of you, which is rather sweet.

perfume - Last-Minute Christmas gift ideas for women


Classic, thoughtful and personal, jewellery is a gift that lasts forever, but you have to be very careful. Most women will have a preference between warm and cool metal tones, wearing just one, but never both. You’ll also need to know if there are any allergies to certain metals – and let’s not overlook the significance of different stones. Diamonds are traditionally for romantic love, whereas other gems are often attributed to birthdays. Be sure to observe the style, colours and types of jewellery that are already being worn and then you can buy something you know will fit into rotation perfectly.

Hobby classes

Here’s one of the more unusual gift ideas! If your recipient has talked about something they’d love to try their hand at, why not facilitate it for them by buying them a course or some classes? You’ll not only get them something you know they’ll love but maybe wouldn’t have ever bought for themselves, but it will also show that you are an attentive listener and that you pay attention.

For example, if you’ve ever been out for Italian food together and your recipient mentioned that they’ve always wanted to be able to cook traditional pasta dishes perfectly, why not look into private cooking lessons? Or what about a day at a test track, learning to drift a car on a skidpad, for the woman that always fancied being The Stig? Nobody else will get them the same gift!

Monthly subscriptions

Things have moved forward dramatically since the days of ‘fruit of the month’ clubs and now, there’s a subscription service for just about every interest. If you’re spoilt for choice, how about buying a couple; generally, they aren’t too expensive, although there are some luxury options available such as gourmet cheeses, world wines and even designer stationery boxes.

Some of the more standard boxes include monthly beauty parcels with multiple brands to experiment with and craft packages. Be sure to do your research to find the perfect fit.

Exercise equipment

Who can forget the press that a certain exercise bike company received after posting an advert that showed a man buying his partner one of their products? The only people offended were those that didn’t want exercise equipment, with plenty of others saying they’d be delighted to be able to stay healthy at home. If your recipient is a fitness lover and enjoys funky modern gadgets, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From smartwatches that double as heart rate monitors to connected spin bikes with live online classes from around the world, giving the gift of great health isn’t anything to get upset about.

Buying Christmas gifts for women doesn’t have to be a struggle, and it’s not worth getting flustered about – just remember that you are simply being given a chance to show how well you know somebody! Everyone has individual interests and tastes and it only takes a little bit of observation to figure out what they are.