With James Arthur already looking like he is suffering from the early effects of the fatal disease Postwinningxfactorfailure-otosis (characterised by a further loss of musical identity) it is once again those that came behind the eventual winner that are making progress. ( I hasten to add I like James Arthur).

One of the names from that 2012 crop would be Leanne Robinson who blew the judges away with her powerful vocals that seem just so suited to those ballad type numbers that require a Rolls Royce of a voice to emit those emotional spikes.

Originally from Hackney, Leanne was tantalisingly close to reaching the live show of X Factor but rather than taking this negatively Leanne asserts when I meet her that she felt she had gone as far as she wanted in terms of the show.

Now pushing her own music and of course her own creative juices (something James Arthur may not be experiencing) Leanne is on the cusp of dropping the follow up to her first ep, Exhibit A, the simply named Exhibit B. With the first single off that ep the brilliant track Heavy, Leanne is a picture of confidence as she discusses her journey in music and her excitement with her latest creative project-let’s go in!

So what’s been happening for you today?

It was my last day at River Island and I now have a new full-time job at Kobalt Music where I will part of the publishing team.

Ok great-so we have to talk about X Factor so let’s get it out of the way. What was it like and how do you look at the experience with the hindsight of a year.

It was a good experience and it was a great learning curve and it was great to see what the show is really about but I think I went far enough for me. I went in reluctantly and I actually pulled out of the competition many times throughout the time I was there. I am happy that I went through the competition and I met some really great people and musicians-meeting Dermot O’Leary was great he is genuinely a really nice guy. I also got to perform in front of a massive audience. Everything that I have taken from the show has really been a massive positive.

Is your story one of music always being in your life?

I have been doing music for years and so my music is very important and very personal to me. I started in church and then I did some personal vocal training with a lady called Denise who lived near me-she helped me to do my first studio session and she was the first person I started song writing with-for me really I have always sung. I do not know if singing chose me or I chose music but I cannot remember a time when I have not sung it’s just always been there.

So your parents obviously encouraged music.

My parents sung in the church choir and so I sung with them in the main choir and I still have this small dress that I wore when I performed at the Barbican with them, so my family were and are definitely supportive.

So let’s talk about your ep firstly I heard you recorded this at Rudimental’s studio.

Well Piers is a really good friend of mine and so I was able to record the Exhibit B at the Rudimental studio unfortunately they were on tour but the guys that did their album Ben Humphries and Quentin recorded the EP and mixed it and we blitzed three songs in like two days. Their studio environment is where you want to be-there are certain studios that just have the right vibe and this is one of them.

So break down Exhibit B?

It’s a five track EP and it is all new material and there are no covers. I am excited to hear the reaction and excited for people to see the growth in me as an artist. Heavy will be the first single and it is literally about things that are emotionally heavy from people to family. It is just about anyone who puts too much stress on you- the person is emotionally too heavy, you cannot carry them emotionally.

And what about other tracks on the ep?

There is an up tempo track called Not Your Love it’s almost like reggae meets dance, then there is Shooting Star another up-tempo jam and then we have a track a tribute to Michael Jackson. My listeners would be offended if they did not have at least one ballad on there because they know me for that so I cannot wait for them to hear that as well.

Lastly anything you want to tell your fans?

Get at me on twitter and look out for me performing at Platform.

Leanne Robinson



Leanne will be performing at  Platform this Thursday click LINK for info.