Fresh from filming the hot new Step Up 3-D movie, there’s more to this Hollywood star than a hot body and some banging dance moves. One of the most sought-after dancers in the entertainment industry, Legacy certainly has a lot to live up to. Flavour caught up with him to talk dance, movies and a whole lot of naughtiness. The theme for this issue of Flavour is naughty but nice, so what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever been caught doing?
The naughtiest thing I’ve ever been caught doing was when I was in a car with my girlfriend. It was all hot and steamy in there – and then all of a sudden I hear a bang on the window. I realised it was a police officer so I opened up the window a little bit and I’m like ‘Yes?’ and he’s like ‘What are you guys doing? Are you naked?’ He said he needed us to put our clothes on and move on because people were complaining.

You worked with our very own Cat Deeley on So You think You Can Dance USA. How did the two of you get on?
I think for the most part when you meet someone who is genuine you tend to grow and have a warm feeling and she’s genuine. We became not too close because obviously we had our jobs and stuff but whenever I would see her she was like hi and would be like friendly and stuff.

How did you first get into the dance scene?
I’m a street dancer so I danced on the street. I did it for so many years that I think it trains you to figure out your body movement and what balance you have and to find your centering. Also when I was younger I played soccer which helped with steps and finding rhythm, plus my family’s Colombian so we have that Latin flavour.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
I think I’ve really opened up my mind and expanded. Job-wise, the highlight has to be So You Think… because it was able to relay my talent to millions of people. As for
the future, I’m an aspiring choreographer, director. I’m in acting classes trying to get on a TV show. Anything along the lines of being in the entertainment industry and branching out with whatever it
takes to share that talent with everyone else.

You star in the new Step Up 3-D movie. Were you a fan of the first two before you started filming?

No, but I did watch the second one because my friend was in it, Robert Hoffman, and I thought it was cool. I was supposed to be one of the main cast in it, Monster, the little guy, but I was on tour with Gwen Stefani so I ended up giving that job to my friend.

Can you tell me a bit about the character you play?
Well I’m not the main star in it but I actually have a part in it where I play myself. I’m in the main crew and we battle at the end – it’s very exciting. It’s a very good movie – it’s the first dance movie in 3D. A lot of show makers are gonna be really mad that they didn’t do it first.

Do you see yourself continuing with dance movies or would you like to go in a completely different direction and do something that has nothing to do with dance?

Certain movies that need an actor who can dance, I would love to do that obviously. But if there are other roles that I can do as an actor and deliver my energy I would go for that as well – I’m not opposed to anything.

I hear you like to write poetry and make music. Do you see yourself pursuing any of your other talents?
I’m in the process right now of writing a book. I’ve been inspired to write a book about life, philosophies and happiness – how I incorporate all of those things in my life. I feel like all the things that I’ve learnt over the years have been handed to me and I’ve researched them and thought of new ways to change my mindset. I like to inspire people – it’s my thing. It’s not like some people are a star and some people aren’t – you just need to find out what your legacy is.

What does the future hold for you?
The future holds whatever energy I put into it. It’s full of suspense, uncertainty, movies, acting, dancing, producing, directing, performing, teaching, learning, living, loving and enjoying the details of life – the journey. It’s not about the destination – it’s about the journey.

Step Up 3-D will be in cinemas this summer

Interview by Antoinette Powell

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