Lemar Wallace-Clarke

Lemar Wallace-Clarke has recently announced the release of his debut project – a mixtape titled A King Without A Throne. Featuring an array of themes and concepts, the common message throughout the mixtape is that he is ‘a King without a throne.’

Hailing from Reading, the singer has been working on this project for the past several months. As his debut release, Lemar explains how throughout the project he’s acted on instincts and drawn from experiences gained through watching others, in order to produce something that truly showcases his musical talent. When discussing the meaning behind the phrase, Lemar discusses “a king without a throne is a similar metaphor to the diamond in the rough… undiscovered greatness”.

Over the past few years, Lemar has deepened his understanding of self-help and the idea of a positive and confident outlook through reading books like ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and the self-help best seller ‘The Secret.’ Through reading these books Lemar has started putting these concepts and ideas into action by setting goals for himself to achieve and convey through his music.

My goal is to have the audience know that I am no way in any sense of the word “there” yet. I also want them to understand that in my head I am constantly thinking, feeling and then acting upon my goals.

Inspired by the likes of hip-hop group Arrested Development, and taking inspiration from interesting stories shared by members of his large family, the mixtape features a variety of styles and genre’s because of his eclectic taste.
A King Without A Throne will be available to stream and download on all major online outlets from 18th February 2018. All proceeds for the musical project will go towards bigger and better equipment, not only for the singer but the project he’ll be working on in his local area where Lemar plans to showcase the abundance of talent on Amersham Road, Reading, the road where he grew up.