The Power of Women Issue 2015 has arrived and puts the spotlights on five famous stars who use their celebrity to bring attention to good causes. Kim Kardashian, Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg, Rachel Weisz and Glen Close grace give individual covers.


Lena Dunham says she wasn’t aware of the horrors of sex trafficking until recently. But from the moment she heard about Gems from her friend Audrey Gelman, Dunham knew she wanted to shine a spotlight on the non-profit that helps victims of commercial sexual exploitation in New York. “What attracted me so much to the cause is that I’m a feminist and I’m a sexual assault survivor,” says Dunham.


Kardashian talks to the magazine about her work with Children’s Hosiptal Los Angeles where she visits young patients battling cancer. “My father passed away from cancer,” she tells the magazine. “I remember what it was like when my dad was going through it. You see the kids that are so strong. They feel so helpless. You want to do anything to help them.”

Whoopi Goldberg
Rachel Weisz
Glen Close


See the covers below and go to Variety Magazine to see the full stories.