Flavour’s young intern Lenisha Foster gives readers the lowdown on the 15 UK artists and music video’s that she is feeling right now.

Tinie Tempah – Pass Out
Every man and his mama has jumped on the riddim for Tinie Tempah’s hot song ‘Pass Out’ but for me the original is still the best.

Griminal – Invincible
Griminals Tune ‘Invincible’ is perfect for you to take the lead and let your partner know how you feel about them.

Ghetts – Skadoosh

Ghetts songs are always great to listen and dance too, especially this one !

Mz Bratt Ft. Sadie Ama – I Like You

Mz Bratt is a hot young, rising female artist in the UK. On this song she collaborates with Sadie Ama and with each release she takes her career a bit closer to the dream.

Cheryl Cole – Parachute

From Girls Aloud to sexy solo artist Cheryl Cole is hitting the charts with her new love song Parachute.

Imperial Squad – Beside of You

Check out Imperial Squad’s incredible new R&B single ‘Beside of You’.

Fenix – Swagga

These girls are new on the block and sexy as ever, they smash the charts with there brand new single Swagga.

Devlin – Giant
He’s been around for a little while and his songs just get better and better. He has been voted by the likes of BBC and Flavour Magazine as one to watch in 2010 and beyond.

NY – Seasick

Ny’s new song is amazing, her voice has the kind of affect that makes you want to close your eyes and really listen to the lyrics of her heart.

Chipmunk Ft. Talay Riley – Look For Me

Chipmunk is on fire. Heavily known in the UK and about to start his first UK tour. This song is all about giving a helping hand and as he works with Talay Riley yet again this single is set to be a smash hit.

Tinchy Stryder- You’re Not Alone

Are You Feeling a bit Alone? Well then this is the song to listen to Tinchy ensures you that you are never alone along with a helping hand from Cherri V.

Sugababes – Get Sexy

All the ladies go into your wardrobe, find your hottest outfit, Get Sexy and dance with the Sugababes as their back. Minus Keisha but with new babe Jade Ewen.

Pixie Lott – Gravity

Every time she tries to leave something is pulling her the other way she thinks its gravity. This love song is great to show your partner how strong your love is for them.

Giggs – Don’t Go There

This track has been doing the rounds on US websites and has been receiving positive feedback, Giggs collaborates with B.O.B and yet again makes another smashing hit.

N-Dubz Ft. Mr Hudson – Playing With Fire

Ooo Aren’t they naughty playing with fire.. Tulissa tells the boys including Mr Hudson how she feels about them doing wrong all the time.