‘Let’s get Europe Dancing’ with Mapei and Volvo Trucks. Mapei embarks on a journey of a life time with Volvo truck, to create a spectacular music video spanning across Europe.

In the second part of this Reality YouTube Series, we see Mapei’s bashful delight as the truck driver (Jen) and Mapei’s best friend (Liza) arrive in style to pick up the singer/rapper. Little did Mapei know that her face had been plastered across the side of a great big Volvo truck. She simply can’t contain her shock and awe as she lays down on the grass to recover; before taking a few selfies.

Reality Road,

The three of them then set off on their mission to “Make Europe Dance”.

First stop: boarding a ferry full of truck drivers, who seem a little apprehensive to get up and dance to Mapei’s banging tune “#MillionWaysToLive” . Plus the fact there appeared to be a slight language barrier. To everyone’s surprise, it just so happens that a group of burlesque drag queens are aboard.  Director/best friend Liza gets to work setting up in the ships canteen for the first shot for the music video. How’s this going to go down?? Mapei a singer/rapper; performing with a troop of burlesque drag queens; in front of an audience consisting of male truck drivers……… Let me tell you, this certainly makes for a nail-biting scene.

Reality Road

Watch this second part in this series, and look upon this amazing experience of driving through Europe for 9 days in a big Volvo truck to make an uplifting music video.

Stay tuned for the next instalment.

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