Truth be told just hearing the lyrics-‘the girl a real freak/she make her booty jiggle/she horny for the ding-dong/her booty bounce like ping-pong’ should make anyone run a mile but the facts are that you won’t because you will want to hear this track created by a producer called Mighty Mark ft TT Artists/Sushi Samson and released on the French label Moveltraxx.

The brief rap comes from the totally charismatic femcee Tt The Artist who drops those lascivious x-rated bars mentioned before. The video in turn drops a type of 80’s vibes where vidoes were still a new thing and generally they were done badly-of course the look of this video is purely intentional. The tearing bass and up-tempo beat in turn is reminiscent of the 2 Live Crew in their pomp where lyrics about the size of a woman’s derriere, her humungous appetite for their equally humungous members all fitted that ultra male misogynistic chit chat.

Maybe I am looking too deeply but whether consciously or not this track could be seen as a telling visual and aural social message against the sexual objectification of women as merely ‘things’ of pleasure. Here the purveyor of these sexually charged words is a woman who in turn seems to views men as objects of sexual gratification and nothing else. Or maybe this could be seen as another use of sex as a marketing tool-(Miley Cyrus and Beyonce do it so what’s the problem one could argue?)

Either way whether you want to get seriously angry for this poor excuse of a track because you wonder where things will stop in this incessant need to throw sexual content in our faces or you merely look at it as a bit of fun-the facts are that this track will probably be a huge club banger.

For me I must admit I like it and that is not because of the booty (although that’s a nice touch ahem!) but because I genuinely love that 80’s hip-hop, Miami bass type sound. More importantly I think that there is an element of this femcee sticking two fingers up to those rappers that revel in their misogynistic lyrics (two wrongs of course do not necessarily make a right).

Anyway I am going to practice some ping pong working on my forehand, my back hand slice and then my smash.

(Also check out Tear Shit Up).

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