The TL;DR? I really, REALLY, like this car! The Lexus LBX is a beautifully designed, high-spec, compact SUV, and the ‘Original Edition’ model I drove was equipped with all the technological specifications and luxurious trimmings typical of its larger counterparts.

What makes the Lexus LBX Original Edition genuinely exceptional is how it managed to make such a strong impression on me. Trust me, if there ever was a compact SUV that made you do a double-take, it’s the Lexus LBX. Anecdotally, there must be a large market for high-spec small cars and despite being Lexus’ newest and smallest SUV, the Lexus LBX is in a class of its own. The ‘Original Edition’ model I drove came fully loaded with all the creature comforts, specs, and trimmings you’d expect from the larger Lexus models.

The Exterior

On the outside, the Lexus LBX is a head-turner. Visually, the Lexus LBX doesn’t just blend into the crowd. It’s flashy enough to garner attention while maintaining an air of sophisticated elegance. The sleek, minimal design bears a slight resemblance to other Lexus models, yet it manages to set itself apart with contemporary styling. The curvy lines along the bonnet, the sharp headlights, and the stylish front grille give it a fresh twist that makes the LBX distinct.

The Engine

Under the bonnet, the Lexus LBX features a 1.5-litre self-charging hybrid electric powertrain, achieving a top speed of 106 mph. It allows you to reach 0-62mph in 9.2 seconds in Front Wheel Drive (FWD) or 9.6 seconds in All Wheel Drive (AWD)—a rarity in compact SUVs.

The 1.5-litre engine, combined with the self-charging hybrid electric powertrain, makes the Lexus LBX a treat to drive and it’s ideal for urban environments with an impressive fuel efficiency of up to 62 mpg. The LBX is quiet, firm and sturdy, you feel safe driving this car at all speeds. Admittedly, it may not be the quickest on the drag strip, but its performance is smooth and competent, providing a balanced mix of speed and efficiency perfect for everyday driving, it’s the best of all worlds.

The Interior

Stepping inside the Lexus LBX, you’re immediately enveloped in comfort. The vehicle features a customizable 12.3-inch fully digital instrument cluster and a 9.8-inch VGA touchscreen, which supports voice commands—adding a layer of modernity and convenience to the driving experience. The cabin is outfitted with high-quality materials, including luxurious seats and soft-touch finishes that enhance the overall aesthetic and comfort.

The driving position is very spacious considering the size of the car. You can drive this little powerhouse all day without any discomfort, and if you are as tall as I am, you’ll appreciate just how roomy this small car is. However, if you drive with your seat positioned right the way back, it’s worth noting that maximizing front space will completely limit rear legroom, which could be a consideration if you frequently carry passengers.

Lexus didn’t hold back on technology either. The LBX is equipped with an array of features including electrically adjustable seats, a powered boot, heated seats, and a heated steering wheel—ideal for chilly mornings. Safety and convenience tech like a pre-collision system, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist are also included, ensuring a safe and enjoyable driving experience. For a full rundown, download the Lexus LBX PDF brochure from their website, as I’m barely scratching the surface of the equipment list.

The interior is not just about comfort but also practicality and style. The Ultrasuede upholstery is exquisitely crafted, soft to the touch, and durable. The car’s build quality is palpable, with no cheap plastics in sight, only premium materials that you would expect from Lexus.

Lexus Link+

The Lexus Link+ app offers an extra level of connectivity with features to help you to pre-condition your cabin, find your car, schedule a service or even improve your driving style. The Lexus Link+ app offers you peace of mind as the app will notify you if the car is unlocked and you can lock it via the app. It’s dope!

In summary, the Lexus LBX stands out in the crowded compact SUV market by delivering a blend of style, comfort, and advanced technology at a competitive price point model dependant. It’s a vehicle that doesn’t just meet expectations but exceeds them, making it a top contender for anyone in the market for a small but luxurious SUV.

For more detailed specifications and to explore more features, visit Lexus’s official website.