Photo of a Silver Lexus NX 450h plugin hybrid

My phone buzzed early in the morning, and there it was, the moment I was waiting for. “Good Morning Mr. Foster, I’m outside with your Lexus NX 450,” said the voice over the line.

I quickly hurried outside to be greeted by the sleek silhouette of Lexus’s first-ever plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), the Lexus NX 450h+.

After a too-long break from car reviews, I was back in the driving seat, and what a comeback it was! The Lexus NX 450h+ promised an enticing blend of electric and petrol power. Officially, you’re looking at up to 45 miles on electric alone. My real-world run? I managed a respectable 34 miles before the petrol engine smoothly took over. In EV Mode, this car transforms—whisper-quiet, effortlessly smooth, and unexpectedly agile given its stature.

The adaptive cruise control became my best friend on the highways, making the drive as close to autonomous as you can get without a full self-driving system plus the lane-keeping assist and blind-spot monitoring added an extra level of safety.

Front photo of Lexus NX 450h

Exterior Elegance

The model I tested glistened in silver—I can’t lie, Lexus masterfully balances power and elegance with minimal lines and ever-so-sleek styling. The huge front grille gives a powerful look without losing the stylish elegance and the 18-inch alloy wheels, side skirt, and wheel arches add to the look. It’s a very sophisticated-looking car and the dynamic front and rear lights accentuate its stance.

Interior Indulgence

Stepping inside, you’re engulfed in Lexus’s luxury. The high-quality leather trim (my one had radiant red) with the heated and ventilated front seats, and a steering wheel that warms up at a touch, banishing the morning chill. The interior door handles, intriguingly designed to be pushed, not pulled, add a layer of refined novelty. And that centre console? Opening from both sides, it blew me away with its thoughtful design (it’s the little things that count).

The 14-inch HD touchscreen is testament to Lexus’s tech-savvy elegance, and the If you’re a bass head you’ll love the 10-speaker audio system which gives you ample sound, although, I confess, I spent a week searching for the equaliser settings to no avail. I wanted to test the sound with my new Soulful House Mix. The car boasts generous space, providing ample room for passengers even when having the front seat fully extended and the large boot will hold all the shopping you need or suitcases for travel making it a practical choice for families or those who enjoy the odd road trip which is quite possibly the reason why the NX range has been Lexus’s best-selling model since 2015 in the UK.

Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the NX 450h+ is a 2.5-litre symphony of power and efficiency and according to Lexus the 305bhp/227kW enables acceleration from 0-62mph in 6.3 seconds. The transition from electric to petrol is seamless. Sport mode adds an extra thrill, easily accessible and conveniently placed at arm’s reach on the lower side of the dashboard adding an inviting, more dynamic drive. The paddle shifters invite you to take control, simply twist the dial to the sports mode and get your Lewis Hamilton on, adding a sports full rev edge to the drive.

However, it’s in EV Mode where the NX 450h+ truly shines. The silence is golden, the acceleration brisk, and the overall drive so smooth you’ll have to keep an eye on the speedometer to ensure you’re within legal limits. Yet, once you switch back to petrol, you can’t help but notice the difference—electric is the future, and the NX 450h+ is showcasing the charge.

The Lexus NX 450h+ is more than a vehicle; it’s a bold statement in the automotive world. It perfectly marries eco-friendliness with luxury, performance with comfort, and cutting-edge technology with intuitive design. Driving it is not just about getting from A to B; it’s an experience, a joy, and a privilege. Lexus has set the bar high with the NX 450h+, making it an exemplary choice for anyone in the market for a plug-in hybrid SUV. It stands not just as a statement of Lexus’s commitment to excellence but as a beacon of what the future of driving should look like.

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