Are you a graphic designer, music producer, gamer or like me, someone that wants more real estate on screen? If so then meet the LG 34UC97 panoramic curved display powered by QHD resolution.

Forget about your old dual monitor system, the LG 34UC97 replaces those 2 screens you had and turn it into one. However if your fiend for screen size then what is also cool is that you can daisy-chain all Mac-compatible devices through the two Thunderbolt2 TM slots featured in LG 34UC97.

The LG 34UC97 as has the multi-port furnished with two HDMI ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and a Displayport and is  a 34-inch 21:9 and has a QHD resolution of 3440×1440, but enough with the tech talk, watch this video and see for yourself the awesomeness called the LG 34UC97.