I featured Lifelines in ‘Future Flavours’ a few months ago, as part of the Flavour Ditto collaboration, and now he returns with something fresh. It’s an EP consisting of old skool and jazzy hip-hop flex with that 2013 energy and vibe. In the project ‘One Faith,’ he exposes his verbal dexterity and again shows a clear skill for story-telling be that profound thoughts or humour.

Collabos are fresh: Leon Jacques who has the underground excited and actually entered the Flavour Ditto competition smashes up the vocal delivery with that ghetto fabulous flex on Smile, Aziza Jones on Show For You oozes sensuality but I must admit I really like, ‘Time Will Tell,’ which is sexy like a semi-clad Rihanna covered in baby oil. Sarina Leah sings the hook and chorus and that vocal display is enough to have this track on repeat.  Also look out for Angel (the man of the moment) on ‘Hazel Eyes.’

So Lifelines continues his onslaught and it will be interesting to see how he goes about bringing his style of music to people in 2013; for now go get your ears in listening mode.

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One Faith EP