Check out our live hangout on air with DJ Melody Kane, with exclusive photo’s shot for Flavourmag she is “One to Watch” on the female DJ circuit. Don’t believe us? Check out here mix for the Flawless Dance off here:


Exclusive photo’s by Sai Photography

Make-Up by Semley Wilkinson



  1. […] Melody isn’t just taking on the guys, she’s beating them hands down and dragging the rest of the girls with her. The Female Takeover and DJ Kane have hit Crotia, Greece & the Czech Republic in an attempt to bring the genius of female DJs to the world. She’s pretty much the definition of feisty and her blends take no hostages, so don’t expect her to pull punches just because she looks petite and pretty. Melody’s performances at the ‘Nando’s GigNic Festivals’ were featured on the Channel 4 TV show ‘Gig Nics’. You can catch her killer club mix at The Social later this month but it won’t be easy to get in and it’ll be even harder to leave. Points to anyone who can pick out the old school reggae references. […]

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