Living Faith Worship

Written to capture the essence of feeling close to God, ‘Holy are You Lord’ is the latest release from Australian Living Faith Worship.

With the aim of sharing how to usher in the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit, Living Faith Worship express a prophetic voice that music and faith enable. With reverent harmonies and a powerful vocal delivery from Cody Samuels, ‘Holy are You Lord’ encapsulates both the power and tenderness of their faith and love for God.

Living Faith Worship are part of the Living Faith Community Church in Perth, Australia, who have over 700 churches around the world. They were established in 2017 to bring a new prophetic voice to the global church, spreading their message through their music. Cody Samuels, a worship leader in the community, wrote ‘Holy are You Lord’ as a collaborative effort with other members of his community.