I’ve never really been a Halloween fanatic. I never went trick or treating, never did the fancy dress party thing, never even carved a pumpkin! I’m actually quite sad about that last bit. Even when I was going through my (embarrassing) teenage Goth phase (yes, it was very real. Black lipstick, Doc Martens – I got teased for these, and oddly now they’re a part of mainstream high street fashion! – and black, black, black).

It’s not that I’m opposed to Halloween at all, it’s just never really been a “thing” for me.

But recently I did a photo shoot with the spookily amazing Ian Lawman. For those of you that may shy away from scary TV, he is the celebrity psychic and exorcist from Most Haunted and other hide-behind-your-pillow shows. Apart from telling me that one of the corridors we were shooting in was haunted by something that was very present while we were there (shiver) it was a pretty normal day, minus the para.

This shoot was an ideal time to call in the talents of MUA and body painter Anna Lingis. I’ve worked with her a number of times, and she truly is amazing! She killed Ian and the models with her paint brush (metaphorically).

Ian Lawman-halloween-1

Ian Lawman-halloween-2

Photo credits:

Photographer: Andy Rawlins

MUA: Anna Lingis 

Stylist: Laura Jane Turner 

As you can imagine, Anna is in her element at this time of year! She has some amazing creations on her Instagram page which may give some of you some inspiration for tonight’s festivities! Here are some of my favourites – remember, this is all body paint!


Victorian Skull

Have a creepy day 😉


Written by Laura Jane Turner – 

Tweet: @LJT_fash