Laura Jane TurnerWhen you first meet someone, the first question always seems to be “what is it that you do?”. It’s almost like, as an adult, you’re defined by your career. I guess it DOES tell you a lot about a person! Anyway, when I tell people what I do, I’m always met with the same response “oh wow – it must be so glamorous!”. Well, I’d be lying if I said that there weren’t some amazing perks, and of course I love what I do, but believe me when I tell you I’ve worked hard to get where I am and it sure didn’t come easy – lots of clothes steaming and runs to Starbucks! Think “Devil Wears Prada” but with many buses and tubes, and minus the elegant trip to Paris!

I’m a Fashion Stylist and PR girl – my life is pretty fast paced, and I’m excited to put pen to paper (or should I say manicure to keyboard?) and share my world; the fashion brands I love, the celebrities I work with, news, gossip, what’s hot – and what’s not! – in my fortnightly column with Flavourmag.

One of the most recent shoots I’ve worked on had a super-cool theme; very edgy and sexy, which suits my style down to a tee! We had TOWIE starlet & gymnast Pascal Craymer, the super hot Lauren Capulet and the gorgeous Gemma Humphries modelling some truly sultry lingerie from a number of fabulous brands. The theme was Good and Bad Angels, and was such a fun shoot to source items for! This is an exclusive to Flavourmag – they are never before seen photos!

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The amazing talent of photographer Marc Hayden can be seen in these images from the day’s shoot, along with the fabulous Anna Lingis MUA. A big thanks to Nichole De Carle, Joanna’s Wardrobe and Tatu Couture for providing some gorgeous lingerie for the shoot, along with House of Halos accessories.

One of the major perks and personal highlights of my work is to encounter new brands all the time – I do love to find a gem, and hope you’ll like to discover them along with me too!

Products I’m loving at the moment: in the beauty department we’ve got Ashley Cahill. Just between you and me, I’ve always suffered with severely bad Acne. Now I know this is far from glamorous, and not many people like to admit any flaws, but I’m just going to be real. I’ve tried everything on the market (trust me) and nothing has ever really worked in the skin product department. BUT. Along came Ashley Cahill’s Gold Face Scrub, and by golly is my skin super smooth! It may be a little pricey, but with extract of Champagne and Pearl, you’re getting some luxury in a tub – and it’s a big tub too! It’s definitely a good investment.


I also want to tell you about an accessories brand I discovered not too long ago; Virginia The Wolf make intricate, handmade designs from natural animal bone and customise them into some really distinctive and striking pieces. Ranging from necklaces to wall mounts, with an array of colours and jewels, every item is one of a kind. And don’t worry – each one is ethically sourced and made in the UK. So you don’t have to worry about harming any cute, furry creatures when you’re standing out from the crowd rocking your new accessory!

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Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 19.28.32

I hope to see you back here soon for more insider news and gossip – in the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter @LJT_fash


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