lloyd-banks1Indigo2 provided the perfect backdrop for the U.K’s finest acts to open up and support ‘The Boy Wonder’ otherwise known as G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks.

As the masses crowded in to the venue, DJ Swerve kept the crowd happy on the decks spinning tunes like Lil Wayne’s ‘A Millie’ to name a few.

As Swerve tore through beats to the excitement of the fans, on came the night’s first act as a tenacious Clement Marfo gave the crowd a taste of his eclectic sound. Armed and ready with a live band the crowd were not left in disappointment as Clement Marfo delivered a charismatic performance that truly captured the attention of the audience. His rocky type sound worked well with the crowd as most stood in awe of the sheer tenacity of his performance, with the track entitled ‘Champagne lifestyle’ being the highlight of his set.

As Clement Marfo drew to a close on came Bruza to the delight of the audience. Known for his uncanny flow and cockney accent the MC intrduced Mz. Pratt who covered the popular ‘Grinding for Love’ and Wiley’s ‘Wearing My Rolex’.

But it wasn’t until the arrival of Wretch 32 that the audience really got into motion. Running onto to the stage with an exuberant demeanour to the sound of his track ‘Superhero’, Wretch looked every inch of the superhero he so coolly raps about. Treating the stage like the skies and his trench coat like a cape, he glided through every inch of the stage with his towering presence.

Following on from ‘Superhero’, old school Deja Vu 92.3 listeners were taken back when it was straight 16s and 32’s (bars) as Wretch covered Dizzee Rascals ‘Bonkers’.

With a confidence that spurned lyrics like ‘I was the mixtape vet, and you aint got a mixtape yet’, Wretch was later joined by Ghetto as a two tore through the hit ‘In a Di Ghetto’. As expected Ghetts didn’t disappoint when it came to the intensity levels as he quickly had the crowd in a frenzy.

Wretch continued to bring out more friends as he was was joined by Scorcher to get into ‘Space Invader’ and ‘Be Cool’. Despite his performance coming to a close Wretch threw is Louis Vuitton scarf into the crowd to send eager fans in a scrap to get the rag.

Bashy was next up as the strings of ‘Kidulthood to Adulthood’ provided his entrance. With no hype man to support, a confident Bashy stayed in constant communication with the crowd even finding time to update his Twitter page by taking a picture of the crowd and posting it.

The urban music award winner then got into the quirky ‘Your wish is my command’ followed by the crowd favourite ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’, much to the delight of his fans.

As the U.K’s finest acts drew to a close, anticipation was running high as the crowd were made to wait before the arrival of  Lloyd Banks.

After opening with ‘Ain’t No Click’ Banks had hands up in the air from the track off album ‘The Hunger For More’ but it didn’t stop there as the G-Unit soldier covered his verses of ‘Popping Them Thangs’ and ‘Stunt 101’.

However loyal old school G-Unit fans that listened to classic mixtapes like ‘Money in the Bank’ were not let down as he performed ‘I Smell P***y’.

After somewhat resting in the shadows of 50 cent, Indig02 were given a glimpse of the character of the rapper that won mixtape of the year in 2004. With rumours on the net suggesting that fellow G-Unit member 50 Cent would be in attendance, a cocky Banks had the DJ play a 50 classic, ‘What Up Gangster’.

Whilst many expected the emergence of 50, Banks cut the music to laugh it off saying, “I know you wana see 50, but that aint gonna happen, he out shouting a movie somewhere”.

But the crowd were quick to forgive and forget Banks’ teaser as they were quickly sent into rapture to the sound of ’Warrior’.

Whilst constantly talking to the crowd Banks toned it down to the sound of the cool ‘Im So Fly’ and ‘On Fire’ but the energy levels were raised again as the ‘Touch It’ remix dropped, hands were up in the air in unison with queen’s rapper.

Although the majority of tracks were known, Banks then played some new material off his new album which is yet to be named to the dismay of some of the audience.

However the ladies were quick to forgive the then self proclaimed ‘Rookie of the Year’ as the sound of the G-Unit and Joe track ‘I wanna get to know ya’ had many rushing for their camera phones. A confident Banks rapped, ‘i could make a forty year old feel like a young lady’.

To conclude, Banks gave a taste of the talent that has him hold the crown of the most lyrical member of the G-Unit collective.

Whilst rapping acapella and still managing to maintain the interest of his fans at the Indig02, ‘Banks’ rounded off a terrific solo performance to the sound of ‘Playboy’.

With Indig02 being his first solo performance Lloyd Banks didn’t disappoint as the U.K. were given a glimpse of the persona that is the ‘Boy Wonder’ to make it a Lloyd Banks show, not a a G- Unit show, something that he requires to cement his status as an international solo artist.

Words by Richard Ashie, photography by Paul Sonola