Worried about home security while you’re away on your summer holiday? Why not follow our step-by-step guide on keeping your home safe, instead.

It’s easy for burglars to tell who’s in and who isn’t. Over 80% of burglaries occur when a house is empty, so it’s important to try and make your house look occupied both when you’re out, and when you’re on holiday. It’s easy to follow a few simple precautions that will prevent burglaries and save you a lot of unnecessary stress.

Just in case, remember to check your contents and buildings insurance policies are in place and up to date before you go!

1. Before you go : Even if you’re leaving in the early hours of the morning, it’s important not to leave your car full of luggage overnight. This can be visible to thieves and may alert them of your holiday. Keep your suitcases in the hall, ready for easy access just before you leave.

2. Curtains : It may seem obvious to keep your curtains closed when you go away. However, keeping your curtains shut throughout the daytime is a giveaway to burglars. Keep your curtains open and install good quality security lights from online stores such as CNM online. These will alert your neighbours of any trespassers and also scare any potential thieves away.

3. Valuables : Try not to leave valuables such as the TV or laptops in sight through the windows. Although this is obvious, many of us are guilty of doing so. Hide any valuables in an unusual hiding place out of sight from thieves.

4. Unplug all appliances : Unplugging appliances will protect them from a power surge and will also save you money from standby functions, too.

5. Internal lighting : Don’t leave your lights on for the whole time you’re away and waste a tonne of electricity. It’s worth investing in some automatic timer switches. These can switch on any programmed lights or appliances at different times throughout the day and trick any thieves into believing someone’s home.

6. Phone a friend : Ask a trusty neighbour to keep an eye on the house when you’re away. It would be helpful if they could pick up the post from time to time or give the outside of your house a quick sweep of any fallen leaves. Things like this are dead giveaway to thieves and are easy to tackle if you’ve got friendly neighbours!

7. Keep it locked : Install hefty padlocks on your garden shed or garage. Opportunist thieves often look for an easy way to break in by also stealing any available garden tools or ladders. Don’t let this be an option and ensure all possible ways of a break in are prevented.

8. Double check : It’s worth to give the house one last check over before you leave. Give yourself enough time to double check all the locks on both windows and doors. It’s always going to be worth your time and will give you that extra peace of mind!