For a lot of people who love their male singers soulful, Loick Essien is number 1 in the UK pushing his brand of clean vocals.

Loick has been on the scene for a number of years having made his name from an early age. Hits with names like Bashy, N-Dubz and Chip pepper his impressive cv. Despite success he disappeared for a while to escape the ‘glare of music’ and concentrate more on collaborative writing projects-a brave move in some respects when one considers that in this day and age a minute away from scene in whatever capacity can mean you are well and truly forgotten by us fickle music lovers.

So after that hiatus where his passion was re-ignited he drops an old skool UKG sound with the catchy single, Number 1 produced by Rymez and Sillkey. It’s a cut taken from his forth coming ep S.M.R which has fans and industry already anticipating a great return.

Flavour had a chat with Loick Essien to discuss why he needed that break, his return and of course forth-coming music for his fans to look forward to?

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First let’s talk about your break from the music scene did you just need a break from the glare of the spotlight so to speak?

I have not been totally quiet, I have been writing for other artists and some of the projects are dropping soon hopefully but I cannot say names because it is not fully confirmed and things can change so I don’t like to say anything until it’s a hundred percent sure. A few of the people I have written for feature on my album actually. In terms of being out of the limelight I just wanted to get away really and concentrate on the stuff behind the scenes.

Why was that?

To be honest I just needed to fall back in love with music and have ‘me’ time really. I just felt a bit out of sync with music but writing with other artists that I really respect has really helped me to re-ignite my passion in a way for music. I travelled a lot as well I went to LA and Atlanta as well and so that was great. I did that for a year on and off and all these things just really helped and I am so glad to be back enjoying and loving all aspects of music.

Can’t beat a bit of LA sun.

For sure it was really good being in LA and it is always refreshing because the sun is always out and you meet a lot of really talented people and  a lot of people from the UK who are trying to do big things. I can definitely see myself having a place there in future.

So bring us up to date, what’s new for Loick Essien?

I have the two new eps; S.M.R which is an abbreviation for Summer and W.N.T.R which is the abbreviation for Winter-I am really excited about those projects and then I am recording for the album so I am really busy which is good.

Since S.M.R will be first ep you will release, a bit of meat on the bones about it please.

The ep is a real strong body of work; there are tracks produced by All About She from the Disturbing London label (owned by Tinnie), Low Key who made Wretch’s 6 Words is also on production, Slick Vic who has done stuff for Fekky and obviously Rhymez on Number 1 and that is pretty much it.

And let’s talk about Number 1 which has a very old skool UKG feel to it.

The single is an up-tempo thing. I don’t think it is the best track on the ep but it is all about progression and the track helps me to have a starting point. When I grew up there was Craig David who brought that brilliant rnb/garage sound but now things are a bit more dance orientated and so I wanted to bring that old skool vibe back for now and I think it works really well.

The behind the scenes of the video for Number 1 would suggest you had heaps of fun.

That video is really cool. It was my first time working with Tex he actually did the video that featured me, chip, pro Green and Wretch and that was really cool and I enjoyed working with him. So when I had a new single it was a no brainer to get Tex on it and I really like it because it is easy of the eye and just captures that idea of someone wishing they could re-capture the days when they were chilling with someone they loved and wanting them back-it’s happy but it has a dark edge to it.

You are a label owner great look!

It is for sure. The good thing about having your own label is the fact you have more control over what you are doing, you get creative control over what you do. You do have to start thinking in a way to be able to own everything you do from the masters to everything. Being on a label is great do not get me wrong because they are a big team but independence is powerful and people now know of course that with the internet you can control and create your own hype really.

Any parting words?

Just to let my fans know that they should look out for more music, more videos more videos and I am trying to set things up to do my own tour-stay in touch with me on all my social media.







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