loick-essienCalling Loick Essien a singer or a rapper is like saying James Brown was a footballer. The 19-year-old who has already been compared to Usher, is said to be one of the hottest new talents currently around. Having previously notched up a trio of collaborations with the likes of Chipmunk and Bashy, Loick recently released his debut single ‘Love Drunk’, produced by non other than the super talented Labrinth. We caught up with the rising star to discuss the meaning of Love drunk and to find out which artists he would have performing at his dream gig.

Loick, using three words how would you describe yourself?
Hungry, fresh and exciting.

If L.O.I.C.K was an acronym what would each letter stand for?
L – Love
O – Obsessive
I – Icon
C – Crazy
K – Kind

Let’s talk a bit about you because you’ve already worked with the likes of Bashy, N-Dubz, Naughty Boy, Chipmunk and Jamelia. But is there anybody else that you would also love to get into the studio with?
I would love to work with Labrinth on an actual song doing a collaboration, as well as Tinie Tempah and Talay Riley who is super-talented.

So, as well as singing you also write most of your own material – but there must be one out of the two that you prefer doing the most?
To be honest I really prefer the process of writing and putting together a song from scratch to finish, as well as singing of course.

Tell us a bit about your brand new single Love Drunk?
It’s a song that represents me as an artist, and in terms of its sound it is very different from a lot of other songs. I also feel I have a lot to bring to the table on what’s happening on the UK scene at the moment.

What’s does Love Drunk mean? Do you often get drunk and fall in love? Or are you drunk on love?
Basically it’s just a metaphor of when you are missing someone and you can’t get them out of your mind. For example, if you go out and you see a really nice girl that brings out your confidence she makes you feel love drunk.

What sort of vibe can we expect from single number two?
Well it’s going to be something very different from Love Drunk which I know the fans will love – especially as it’s an exciting collaboration which I’m keeping a secret for now.

Have you already thought about chart positions and the celebrity lifestyle as we’ve heard you recently met Ne-Yo?
No not at all I just take every day as it comes, and meeting Ne-Yo the other day was really cool.

OK, now I want to ask you a random question. Tell me If you were to put on a dream gig, which three artists would you have performing and why?
Labrinth – because he’s very fresh and I believe he’s the next big thing.
Beyoncé – simply because of her looks, her voice and I believe she’s literally one of the best female singers out there. Usher – he’s someone that I have been watching since I was young and he has really inspired me to this day.

Love Drunk by Loick Essien is out now

Interview by Noel Phillips


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