For foreign students who want to pursue a degree in the UK, London is always the first option of consideration. It would be a shame to limit yourself to one alternative, since this country’s educational system has much more to offer.

London is awesome! It has history, culture, and life! However, it’s also ridiculously expensive, so you might have to avoid it if you don’t your family to be completely broke after this endeavour.

The researchers at UK BestEssays examined the campus life, quality of education, and several other factors to come up with the following list of 5 UK cities that are perfect for foreign students. You’ll notice that each destination is suitable for a different type of student, so you’ll be able to make a choice based on your character.

  1. Belfast, Ireland: The Perfect Place for Nature Lovers!

Belfast, the largest city in Northern Ireland, is situated in a picturesque environment that will never get you bored.

You have always been inspired by the countryside depicted in Victorian-era literature and movies? Are you amazed by the epic scenery of Game of Thrones? Then you’ll love Ireland. Belfast is your gateway to great education, but this choice will also position you in an environment that pulsates through rich culture and history.

The harsh Game of Thrones battles are only fictional, but this place has witnessed real-life bloody events. The IRA bombings and the Bloody Sunday (1972) are bitter memories for the citizens. Their resilience and alternative culture have transformed Northern Ireland from a peaceful natural surrounding into a lively environment characterized with distinct alternative culture and strong resilience.

You’ll have tons of places to visit. Don’t forget to see the site where the Titanic was built. Yes, the real one! Just take a black taxi and entrust your day to the driver; he’ll take you everywhere you need to go, and he’ll share tons of history and trivia. Don’t forget education: Queen’s University offers high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs. International students can easily blend into the vibrant, inviting environment.

Belfast is the perfect blend of top-level education and great culture. However, let’s not delude ourselves: its biggest appeal is the possibility of bumping into Daenerys Targaryen.

  1. Oxford, England: The Place Where Hipsters Have Always Been Cool

If you’re after prestige, history, and high-quality education, then Oxford and Cambridge rank ten times higher than London. These two universities have been competing for the top position in all lists on international level. You’ll notice that Cambridge is not on this list. Here is the reason for that: Oxford was the home of Harry Potter filming locations.

Are you wondering why the Oxford campus is such a huge hit in the movie industry? It beats your imagination of the perfect university, that’s why! Headington Campus is the perfect blend between historic and modern. Its well-equipped teaching facilities will make you feel like the most serious student on Earth.

There is a reason why this school was inspiration for great works of fiction, including Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll was not the only celebrity to attend the University of Oxford. 26 prime ministers, 120 Olympic champions, and 50 Nobel Prize laureates are listed among the notable alumni. If you are a talented student and you want to study in an idyllic setting, then this university is the perfect destination for you.

  1. Leeds, England: The Place that Attracts the Coolest People in UK

Leeds is all about drink deals and nightlife. Let’s be realistic: students don’t choose the University of Leeds because of the high-quality education it offers. They are mostly attracted by the clubs, beer deals, and relaxed vibe that follows them wherever they go. If you base your anticipations of college life upon the teenage movies you’ve watched, then forget London; Leeds is the perfect place for you!

Don’t underestimate the education factor, though! The University of Leeds ranks really high for academia. The undergraduate and postgraduate programs will definitely challenge you to grow. In the latest National Student Survey, 90% of the students at this university expressed their satisfaction with the overall course quality.

At the official website, you’ll read this statement: “studying abroad is not really enjoyable, but it will broaden your horizons…” Guess what: it’s not true! This city makes studying abroad more enjoyable than you can assume. You’ll meet students from all over the world, and you’ll definitely enjoy the Hugh Grant accent.

  1. Andrews, Scotland: A Posh Place for the Refined Ones

Let’s take one exemplary trivia about this place, and you’ll understand its vibe: it’s where Prince William and Kate Middleton met. Yup, it’s the perfect environment for royals to study, fall in love, and live their fairy-tale lives. If you had a childhood dream of marrying a nobleman, you’ll find plenty of available candidates in St. Andrews.

The University of St. Andrews doesn’t only attract royalty. It’s also perfect for students with big aspirations in entertainment, politics, and literature. If you can afford a semester or a complete program at this university, you’ll definitely return to your hometown as a new, culturally-elevated person.

St. Andrews is the home of many posh things: a stunning campus built around a lake (!), as well as the oldest and most prestigious golf course in the world. You won’t find more attractive studying scenery. The rich history of this town only adds to the appeal.

Here are the most important reasons to choose the University of St. Andrews as your destination: it will look great on your resume, and you’ll be able to tell stories about rich and famous people for the rest of your life.

  1. Swansea, Wales: Inspiring Beach Scenery for Adventurous Souls

UK is not exactly famous for its beaches, but Swansea will improve your impression about this country’s touristic appeal. This is a lovely Welsh beach location with calm waters, and inspirational coastal hills. Even your academic projects won’t be a burden; you’ll just take your laptop, meditate for a while on the beach, and get to work with no trouble!

Swansea is the home of Swansea University, whose campus is located right on the beach! Imagine this: you are listening to a challenging lecture, and all it takes is a look out the window for you to relax. This is a popular destination for students in Britain, mainly for those who are interested in cheaper lifestyle when compared to the one in London.

London will always remain an attractive destination for everyone interested in studying in the UK. This city is an epitome of British culture, but it’s not the only interesting choice you have. Make sure to consider the 5 universities listed above before you make the final decision.