When the steaks taste this good, it’s safe to say we have not participated in Veganuary.

We all know that pub food can be hit or miss and nine times out of ten, it’s miss, however, this was not the case at The Last Judgment.

Located on the corner of Chancery Lane, this gorgeous establishment is taking pub dining to a new level. Since the building still retains its historic past, the interior design is to die for. With intricate architectural details, ornate decorations, and sumptuous velvet draping across the walls, The Last Judgement gives a luxurious feel without the luxurious prices.

Having attended on a Monday night at the beginning of January, the pub didn’t exactly have a bursting vibe at this time, however, from the time it took to get a reservation from the opening date in October, it is certainly a buzzing spot at different times of the year!

Different from most pubs, you’ll experience top-notch service with serving staff giving in-depth details about the food, wine, and recommendations if you’re stuck for choice.

Expect a smaller menu but with adventurous choices. From Zucchini Fries, Honey & Gochujang King Prawns, Slow Cooked Beef Brisket & Mature Cheddar Spring rolls to start. For £6.50-£8.50 a plate, this is a great way to start your meal.

We recommend the Zucchini Fries and Honey & Gochujang King Prawns, this was… what can I say…chef’s kiss.

For drinks, this is still a classic pub, so you’ll be able to order your usual go-to! We opted for a bottle of Shiraz to pair with our main meal. 

Now for the main course, you have a choice between some of their delicious main plates or their mouthwatering steaks. We of course chose their 28-Day dry-aged Angus beef steak with green peppercorn sauce which was most definitely one of the best steaks we’ve had. The Last Judgement certainly knows how to cook a medium-rare steak to perfection. The flat iron steak will set you back £12… and that’s a bargain if you ask us!

We recommend pairing the steak with Creamy Mash with Slow Cooked Beef & Gravy, Creamed Spinach, or be classic and add some skin on fries. 

If you’re trying to cut down on red meat or just prefer something different, then the main plates are a great option for you. From Sole Fillet to Roasted Chicken to Beef Burgers. The main plates will cost £11-£14 per dish.

You know a dessert is going to be good when there’s only two on the menu.  There’s no other way to end the evening than enjoying Sticky Toffee Pudding with Ice Cream. Think warm and gooey. Do not make the mistake of thinking you do not have room in your stomach, there is always room for Sticky Toffee Pudding.