longers1THE FUTURE – Your 2010 Movie Update.
Checkout some of the BANGERS set to be released next year.

Some with previews and others with just a bit of info to wet your taste buds until the trailers are released.

An all star line up featuring the UK’s IDRIS ELBA, RnB Star CHRIS BROWN, Incarcerated Rapper T.I., The Legendary MATT DILLON and more.

Most definitely one to look out for in the coming months as the trailer makes this movie look like a sure fire box office smash.

Checkout the link below and let me know what you think? HIT or MISS!! You decide!

X-GAMES: The 3D Movie
More like a documentary then a movie, those into Extreme Sports ie BMX, SKATEBOARDING etc will luv this one.

With pictures shown at off key but very great angles to heighten the excitement, this could actually be a cult classic in the making.

Trailer below, worth checking out.

Over 25’s (shut it, I just know my ol skool movies, im only 23 lol) may remember the original sci-fi classic from the 80’s.

Well as re-makes are the in thang right now, Tron has returned and judging by this clip, im buying my cinema ticket for this one yesterday.

Checkout the sci-fi Motorbike Action Scene Below!!

XXX – The Return Of Xander Cage
After a poor XXX 2 starring Ice Cube, I thought the series would actually be over.

Not so, the Return of Xander Cage welcomes back the return of Vin Diesel.

Soul Train – The Movie

Ol Skool dance movie which was actually The Top Of The Pops of USA.

Taken from the popular TV series of the 80’s.

Wanted 2
For those who saw part 1 would actually remember the lady played by Angelina Jolie died in the end, but apparently returns for the sequel.

How? Do you remember the baths they used to repair themselves?

Say no more.

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