Back LongTalking after a little break. Ok it was more than just a little hiatus, but the point is I’m here again to fill you with some bangers for 2010, footage of Comedian Eddie Kadi’s childhood, a brand new Chris Brown song mentioning Rihanna & Drake’s rumoured relationship and some quick entertainment news.

DJ Longers is back LongTalking

Exclusive video footage of comedian Eddie Kadi as a kid have been made available and posted on an internet site.

Click on link below and you’ll see he was born to be an entertainer.

Forget speculation, he doesn’t have to call out any names on this song to know who he’s talking about. One of my favourite songs on his new album. Check it out.

Glad to see Wesley Snipes back in a Hollywood movie rather than in the straight to DVDmovies of the past couple of years. This film based around dirty cops also stars Richard Gere and Don Cheadle.


This looks like it’ll be one of the heaviest movies of 2010. Starring Angelina Jolie in a film that was apparently turned down by Tom Cruise (big mistake).

Watch the trailer and tell me what you think?

Remake of the movie of the same name in the early 80’s. This new version seems like it may be better than its predecessor due to the major upgrade in special effects etc.

Check it out.

Its gonna be hard to top both Toy Story’s 1 & 2, but the concept of this makes it seem like entertainment levels on this one will be very high.

What happens when Andy becomes too old for toys?

Watch the trailer and see.

Marvel Entertainment – Makers of Iron Man, Spiderman & X-Men etc have dropped profits of 60% this year.

Plans are being made for Men In Black 3, but no word on Will Smith & Tommy lee Jones in cast yet.

Marvel Comic Thor is expected to be released in May 2011 & legendary actor Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal) is set to play Odin, Thor’s father.

Eddie Murphy who was allegedly set for role in Richard Pryor biopic movie is apparently not now with Marlon Wayans set to step in.

DJ Longers – LongTalking

MTV Base – Kojo’s Comedy FunHouse/Twice As Nice

BEFFTA – Nominated Best Male DJ of the Year 2009

Peoples Choice – Nominated DJ of the Year 2009

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