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Not everybody is skilled at business and professional clothing. No matter what your job, if you work in an area where you are visible to patrons, there are certain expectations about how you should dress.

For people who wear uniforms, all of the decisions are made on your behalf. For people without such constraints, there is a great deal more flexibility when it comes to dressing up for work in the morning. However, some people find unlimited freedom to be very confusing. Learning certain rules of work dress etiquette can help individuals to make the right decisions.

Know How to Follow the Unspoken Rules. It’s not wrong to stand out at work. In fact, dressing in such a way that you look conspicuously stylish (while still appearing professional) is to be commended. However, it is important to first understand the basics of workwear before you start to push the envelope. You must observe and understand the dress protocols at your place of employment, rather than blindly following guides that describe general trends. Each job has its own company culture, with different rules and expectations.

If you’re a chef, shopping at will show you an incredible variety of clothing that will fit into many professional restaurant environments. If you’re starting at an office, buying versatile basics that you can create outfits out of for the first week or two, will give you time to make notes on what other items you might need to buy.

Focus on Fit. The people who look the worst in professional wear typically do so because their clothes are ill-fitting. It’s a tragedy to see someone in an expensive, but baggy, suit. On the other hand, it’s possible for inexpensive clothing to look impressive just because it fits to a T. If you have a limited budget with which to buy a new professional wardrobe, focus on the immediately necessary items first, then spend a little extra money to have them altered. This may cause it take longer to buy everything you need, but the individual items in your closet will be more appropriate for the purposes required of them.

“Dress For the Job You Want”. Dressing for the job you want is a cliche, but it’s still excellent advice. It’s important not to get complacent in a position you don’t want to remain in forever. When the way you dress is indistinguishable from your colleagues, it can delay advancement. Dress to impress, but within reason. You want to appear like you are more intentional and focused than your immediate coworkers, because it’s these traits that cause someone to be promoted.

Business dress and workwear are interesting conversations that affect most of us at one time or other. If you are starting a new job, or simply want to improve the way you dress at your current 9 to 5, it’s worth it to do some analysis of your wardrobe. Pick out some great new clothes and you could change your work life forever!