loose vagina

Highlighting the problem of a Loose Vagina that many women suffer from (often in silence) is not an easy task.

A loose vagina is often a result old age, childbirth or other factors causing them to have a weakened pelvic floor which reduces vaginal sensations.

Sex toy specialist Carvaka Sex Toys often receive queries from women looking specifically for larger vibrators because they find that regular and smaller sized vibrators don’t stimulate them.

It can be an upsetting problem on many levels. As a result, they have decided to produce the below infographic and an accompanying post which you can read here: and present the solutions that are available to them should you wish to address it.

Women who experience a loose vagina often suffer a lack of sexual confidence which of course, in turn, may impact on their intimate moments with their partner. Their partner, in turn, may experience frustration as the moments of intimacy lack the physical stimulation that they need to climax. Incontinence as a result of a loose vagina can, of course, cause women severe embarrassment and hamper a woman’s desire to partake in certain activities.

This is an issue that many women suffer in silence due to embarrassment and unwillingness to look for a solution. The good news is that there are practical solutions available to women to treat this so that they can enjoy their lives as normal.

loose vagina - what to do about it

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