The top 20 chart-selling DVD series, Lord of the Mics, returns for its 5th series. Having been launched in 2001, the series burst on to the scene causing a shockwave of excitement throughout the UK’s urban underground by showcasing the battling talents of the, then unknown, artists such as; Wiley, Skepta, Kano and Tinchy Stryder.

Lord Of The Mics

The series has since gone on to play an essential role in the promotion and awareness of some of the most talented emcees and producers in the UK and each year the anticipation for the release builds in to an electric movement that has grown to epic, chart-topping, proportions helped by the up-rise of social media sites such as Twitter.

Each year, as the nights get darker and the winter months creep upon us, the murmur of activity throughout the underground begins with one simple tweet, from one man:

         “@JammerBBK: Who would you want to see battle in the next Lord of the Mics”

With that tweet, the floodgates open and music fans throughout the world start pitching fantasy battles and throwing names in to the ring; With that tweet, the scene starts to prepare for ‘Lord of the Mics’ season.

2013 sees some of the most eagerly anticipated emcee battles of modern day rap with two of East London’s biggest underground rappers; Maxsta (signed to Sony imprint Just Jam) and Lil Nasty going head to head, plus the North vs South, battle of all time, between Manchester’s Blizzard and East London’s Big Shizz (signed to Virgin EMI).

In true Lord of the Mics style, the search for raw talent has travelled the full length and depth of the UK and representatives from Birmingham, Derby, Manchester and London have been carefully selected to step up to the mic and fight for their place and reputation.

Unexpectedly to the major labels, the Lord of the Mics DVD has independently charged in to the Top 20 Album charts and maintained it’s position throughout the Christmas period for the last two consecutive years, despite fighting off fierce competition from the major labels Christmas releases. Going against the grain, of all that is mainstream, the ‘Lord of the Mics’ embodies the young generation, from exciting music and the strive for success, to an independent attitude and the sense of belonging. The DVD series has become a huge part of modern day music culture within the UK, with a whole movement of fans and artists eagerly ready to support it, whilst providing the next generation with a platform to shine.

The official DVD is due for release on 16th December 2013 accompanied by an audio CD featuring some of the biggest names in UK music. Keep up to date with the excitement, the arguments and the battles from warm-up sessions, due to hit the internet from the 18th November, via the Lord of the Mics Official YouTube channel as we wait with baited breath to see who will be crowned 2013’s Lord of the Mics!


Lord of the Mics 2013 DVD Battles:

Maxsta V’s Lil Nasty

Big Shizz V’s Blizzard

D2 V’s Eyez

Lil Choppa V’s Zeo

Proton V’s Realz

Grimmy V’s Grim Sickers

Lord of the Mics 2013 Audio CD to include:

D Double E, Big Narstie, Maxsta, Jammer, Rascals, Castro, Skepta, Roll Deep, Dapz on the Map, Depzman & many more