Mynature has come back with a banger in the form of new single ‘Louder’. The track which was released on iTunes yesterday uses a break beat drum pattern and bouncing bass to provide the energy and rhythm, whilst the super heavy Dubstep baseline tares through the speakers and forces you to dance. We sat down with the Woolwich MC to discuss his new single and a possible album in the works.

Tell us about ‘Louder’ and how did you come up with the track?
‘Louder’ is a cross over song to help build a bridge from where I’ve just come from. I’ve come from this hardcore underground spitting hardcore rap and ‘Louder’ was an opportunity for me to spit music that everyone can listen to. My mum can listen to ‘Louder’ and not feel offended. With the song I just wanted something which was positive, vibrant and bold…that put’s a smile on people’s face.

Why did you choose Got To Dance’s winner Akai for the video?
All my other video’s Ive never had dancers and I know Akai, Akai is a good friend of mine and so is his dad. I’m a fan of what he does and this being a fun song, it enables me to put the younger generation in the video. He is such a fun quirky character that I wanted him the video.

‘Louder’ takes inspiration from old school Hip-Hop. You mention Tribe Called Quest, NWA in the song.
That is my type of Hip-Hop… that is the Hip-Hop I grew up listening to.

Is that the era of Hip-Hop music you prefer?
Yeah you can say that I prefer it because those artists respect the art of MC’in more than these new school artists. Now Hip-Hop is based on other stuff, it’s based on the image. It’s all a myth now the image comes first, the Hip-hop comes last. So if I said to you what is Tupac’s swagger, Tupac just did him, he wore a vest and some jeans and he didn’t care. It was about him not what he was wearing.

So what made you want to become a rapper?
I just loved the art of Hip-Hop, being young and telling me I’m the best and then you start competing. It’s like a sport, you’re good at something, then you’re pitted against someone else. Then you wanna prove that you’re better than that person. It is also a career where you can make money. The walks of life which I was making money from was negative and if I can make that transition from something negative to the positive and get paid, it’s a win win situation.

Now you’ve hinted at your troubled past, would you say that music saved you?
Yeah music has saved me, it’s kept me level headed. I don’t know whether this sounds crazy but I’m the type of person that likes to talk to themselves. Hip-Hop to me is me talking to myself and getting the feedback from saying. So it’s a way I can express my thoughts with other people and be understood.

How long does it normally take you to write your lyrics, are you someone who writes it down or spits from memory?
Sometimes I spit from memory or write it down, it depends on the song and how it takes me. So I’ll have an idea of what the song might be about but it won’t come to me, I’ll write it down and it might take a week for the full song. Every song is different.


How has being a South Londoner influenced your sound?
I’m from Woolwich and there is such a variety of people. So colour is not an issue to me and culture. There are so many different types of cultures. So it’s given me a variety of styles and sound. If I wanna think of something Gangsta to say I’ll know how I’ll say it because I’ve lived that life. Or if I’m playing music to someone who is a bit deeper, I know how to project my vocal where the person will understand that I am knowledgeable. Even though I don’t look like these people, I know people like them. I know what is acceptable, what they won’t and will understand and that’s what gives me an advantage.
It’s also changed the way I like females…the language of love. If you wanna appeal to females you have to know that language of love.

Give us an example of that language of love?
You know what my language of love is so deep I don’t really have to say anything; it’s more body language now. But what I’m trying to say is I have a good sense of awareness of where I can be charming.

Back to your music, can we expect a mixtape or EP soon?
Not a mixtape it makes the music sound cheap. EP I think is a lazy man’s album, you can’t be bothered to do an album. I keep it real, I’ve got so many thoughts to express and get off my chest. I strictly do albums.

We take it you’re working on an album then?
Yeah I am. The album will be out roughly mid-February.

What is your ultimate goal in music?
To get people to understand how I think and who I am…feel like they know me. I want people to support me and follow where I go. To buy my music without having to say buy my music. To want to come to my show and you come off your own back. Just support me.

Finally anything you’d like to tell the Flavourmag readers?
Thank you for this opportunity. Make sure you do your research on me, don’t just listen to ‘Louder’ find out who I am…read about me and grow with me. But I am human, there will be mistakes, there will be outburst, that’s just the kind of guy I am…

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