Amelle Berrabah

Former Sugababes member Amelle Berrabah has been working on her first solo album ever since. We got to sit with the lovely Amelle, DJ/Producer Adam J and the Nightcrashers to discuss the newest release of the hit single ‘Love is all we need’ and find out what’s next in the pipe line.

Such a pleasure Amelle, a lot must be going on for you right now as you’re currently working on your first solo album, whats a typical day for you like now?
It’s such a nice feeling, Its all been really nice, I’m constantly in the studio working. Its all so very exciting I’m definitely nervous I’ve been really picky with little bits, always changing things here and there, only because I don’t really want to release anything I’m not happy with so I’m not in a rush I’m really about taking my time and making it perfect.Amelle Berrabah

Tell us a bit about the new album, what have we got to look out for?
The album’s quite quirky and cheeky it very mixed actually with different sounds for example In one of my tracks I take on a different character playing with different voices which was very fun then I have a more serious track where its just me and the piano very intimate song quite deeply written.

Are there any particular tracks you love the most from your album which ones your favourite at the moment?
Well, that will have to be the track “Come on” I was inspired by an emotional documentary I watched which really got to me so I wrote on behalf of this women writing from her eyes on how she was feeling you’ll understand it more when you hear it, its so sad.

It must be a lot different being just you now, is it strange not having the girls around? How you getting used it?
It was a funny feeling at first, I was a bit nervous because it is a lot different. I’ve really feel I’ve found myself to be fair. It’s also very refreshing to have Freedom to do want I want to do.

You’ve recently just released ‘Love is all you need’, and its has taken YouTube by storm what inspired you when writing for the single?
New Love inspired me really; it’s more about the 1st time meeting some one and the journey in the relationship. Although the track makes you want to get up and dance, you hear the chemistry, which you see in the video also.

So of course with that we have to know what is your current relationship at the moment?
I am single! No time for all that, I’m really on this mission to just get my music done. It’s a struggle already just to see my family. To be honest I’m in a relationship with my Music.

You got together with DJ/Producer Adam J and the Nightcrashers who produced the video. How did you guys all come together to create this hit?
Management put us together really. We sat and listened to the track which I heard as a backing track before hand and I absolutely loved it, it was strong and it just made me want to get up and dance, so I was like yeah I definitely want to work with this, so I wrote for the track and they loved it, I loved it then we got on from there.

What can we expect from Amelle Berrabah, what’s next?
Well, of course my album, getting my singles out there and stuff. Writing for more people and yes just keeping it going. Not many people know the real me I’ve got a lot more to give especially as I was in a girl group before so just really getting people to know me really as an individual.

Adam you are known as the most highly respected DJs on the global urban scene and currently doing it big in Dubai, how did you land your self a career in Dubai what’s the scene like out there?Adam J

Its crazy out there a lot of fun, They’re quite a lot of DJs there too, its like when on door opens for you many other opportunity follows that’s how it worked out for me. I had one booking in Dubai and from there it’s just been one gig after the other to which I decided to moved there but I’m in between Dubai and London, I’m always traveling.

You play in Dubai and London and various other places in the world. Tell us about a memorable gig you’ve played for.
Artist wise it would have to be when Tinie Tempah came to Dubai, he was quite new and when he came on and did ‘Pass Out’ it was manic. He really made a name for him self there especially being a UK artist and it being the first time performing in Dubai.

You and the Nightcrashers have worked in the past before. You did a hit with Master Shortie with the single ‘we came to party’ earlier last year. Who are you working with at the moment? Is there any other collaboration to look out for?
I can’t really say at the moment that’s really under wraps right now but I have quite a few big names lined up so keep locked in.

Who are your favorites on the scene right now? Do you have any particular artists you would love to work with?
Yes,  I would love to work with Skepta he’s a favourite of mine as well as Tinie Tempah and Bashy he’s a close friend of mine he was out for a little while and now he’s back on the scene and we will definitely be doing something together. I have a few others stateside like Miguel and ASAP Rocky.

So what’s next for you?
Working on my singles I have in mind and just the same process of producing music and getting to work with the artists I mentioned earlier I have a few gigs abroad in America and Asia coming up so I’m looking forward to that and one day hopefully making an appearance in a movie.

Nightcrashers hey! What’s been going on for the both of you at the moment?
Right now we are both working on projects with Adam finishing off singles and working on our collections so we have really been in the studio every day.

The Nightcrashers You both grew up in Paris, individually your both known as one of the hottest DJs in the UK. You go by the names DJ Prince Charles and DJ JoJo so what prompted you both to come together to become this dynamic duo?
[Dj JoJo] This started about 10 years ago, at firsts we were spinning back to backs till we realised why not come together and blend in our different style together so 2003 we got our kit together and became the Nightcrashers and haven’t been separated since.

Interesting fact, DJ Prince Charles you’ve landed some major campaigns and roles in the modelling industry one of which being a love interest for Alicia Keys for the music video ‘Girlfriend’ are you still modelling?
[Charles] wow, that was a very long time ago something a done when I was younger it was very fun but now I’m all about the music, DJ’n and our record company that’s my focus so no time for that now.

Who are you guys working with at the moment? Is there any other collaboration to look out for between you guys?
We have a few collaborations coming up but we want to keep it a secret, we have a major deal working in japan so watch out for that.

Who are your favourites on the scene right now? Do you have any particular artists you would love to work with?
Yes, we would like to work with all fresh artists out there especially those in the UK.

What can we expect from you in the future?
Obviously our music and pushing more of our work out there.