Women in red looking through a garden hedge

Many people are becoming more aware of the damage that people can do to the world. Due to this, you may want to think about the ways that you can give back to the environment.

While changing some of your routines and choices can be a great start, you may also want to think about the ways that you use your home and garden. In particular, planting some hedges in your front or back garden could have a number of different benefits.

Set up your boundaries

While you could use walls or fences for your boundaries, they may not be as nice as if you were to use a more natural approach. You may want to find a variety of instant screening plants that can do the same job while still providing more greenery to your garden. You could either plant these in front of walls and fences to cover them up or, if you get permission from neighbours, use them as a complete alternative. Keeping those hedges trimmed can allow them to still look incredibly elegant while adding a bit more plant life back into the space. When you consider how many plants and natural spaces are destroyed for the creation of new homes and workplaces, you may quickly understand why this can be important.


Give a home to wildlife

Depending on the time of year, a number of birds, animals, and even insects may be grateful for the presence of hedging in your garden. You may want to pay close attention, especially in spring, for any signs of birds building their nests in your hedgerows. This is because damaging or disrupting nesting birds could be a crime. Likewise, looking at the bottoms of hedges can also be important, as you may find hedgehogs and other wildlife keeping themselves safe here. Should you spot anything, it can be a good idea to leave it alone. While you can keep an eye on the creatures, you may want to cause as little disruption as possible until they have moved on.

Protection from the elements

Having a garden may be seen as a luxury. When you have that private outdoor space, you may want to try and make use of it as much as possible. Some people may be less likely to spend time in their garden if they have to deal with excessively wet or windy conditions. Considering where you live, you may be more likely to see rainfall than in other parts of the country. While hedging can’t necessarily keep you dry, it could help to prevent your garden from becoming boggy by soaking up that excess water. At the same time, your hedges may also offer you some level of protection against the wind, which could make your time outside a bit more enjoyable.

When changing the garden, people might initially think about flowers and furnishings. However, planting and maintaining hedges could also allow you to make better use of this space.

Image via Unsplash