melissa_lewars_2010The atmosphere was electric at the last Miss Flavour competition held at Cafe de Paris. Who would be crowned our 2009 winner? There were many worthy contenders but the lady who described herself as having ‘swagger from head to toe’ took the crown- Melissa Lewars.

Congratulations on winning Miss Flavour how did you feel when they called out your name?
Shocked! It was dream come true!

Why did you enter the Miss Flavour competition?
Miss Flavour looked like it would be a lot of fun. I also thought it would be a great opportunity to meet new people and a stepping stone for me to get into journalism and start modelling. I knew that the competition would be a fantastic experience.

How were the other contestants?
Surprisingly they were very friendly. All the girls were supportive to each other, helping each other get ready backstage.

What preparation did you do for the big day?
I just made sure I had sexy shoes that I could walk in!.

What was the best part of the night?


Who do you think should have won?
Oh definitely me. I put my all into the competition. All of my qualities – my looks, personality, drive and ambition made me the best ambassador for Flavour.

Why do you think the judges choose you as the winner?
I was natural throughout the competition with class. I was enjoying my time on stage and so it showed.

What do your family and friends think of the opportunities that you’ve had?
My family and friends are so proud of me, they tell everyone who will listen about me winning Miss Flavour. They always say that this is the best thing that could of happened to me and to get ready for more that is to come. Those closest to me have been very supportive.

What’s the best thing about being Miss Flavour?
I get to represent the positive Flavour, who always have new opportunities for me. I would not be able to do half the things I am doing now if it was not for being Miss Flavour. Plus I get to say – “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Miss Flavour!”

What qualities do you have that make you a good model?
I have a unique look that the camera loves, and of course a friendly personality so I’m great to work with. I also have patience because a good model needs to have patience when they’re having hair and makeup done and getting styled up for a shoot – quality cannot be rushed.

What’s your life ambition?
I’ve always wanted to be a successful print journalist. I want to travel and be able to interview and write about a range of topics from high-profile celebrities to current affairs, and bring something different to the media. I want to write about what’s important. When people read my work I want them to gain from it.

The event was about gaining the entrants attention in the UK entertainment scene have you had any work since taking part in the competition? If yes what?
Yes, I’ve appeared on Sarah Jane Crawford’s show on BBC 1Xtra, and Eddie Kadi and Leah Charles interviewed me on their television programme It’s All Good on OHTV. I’ve also been interviewed at the Black Tie Comedy Awards. After interviewing UK’s Supreme Skaters Elite, I have just finished writing an article on the crew. Opportunities to write just keep coming – I’ve written a music review for Mr Midas and am currently writing a book review for Alexander Jackman on his new book ‘I am.’

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself:
I play the piano, I love classical music.

My favourite part of my body is:
My bum
My legs
C) My boobs
D) My abs
E) Other
My bum! Nice and perky!

The greatest compliment I have ever been paid is:
My aura lights up any room.

I feel sexiest in:
A) Jeans and a cute top
B) mini-skirt
C) Nothing
D) Lingerie
E) Sexy dress
Always a sexy dress to show off my curves.

I’d rather live without:
Negative people

You’d be shocked to find out I’d never:

I have a slight crush on:
…Now that would be telling! ; )

If I had to choose between love and my career:
Always love. Love will give you more fulfilment. Success is most enjoyed when you have someone who loves you to share it with.

I don’t feel sexy unless I have:
A) my hair done
B) a bikini wax
C) A manicure or pedicure
D) Make-up
E) Other
My hair done or it will frizz into a bush!

Money can’t buy you happiness:
but it can buy you anything else. Happiness comes from having love and loyalty around you. Money brings untrue love and disloyalty around you.

You aren’t just a pretty face you’re also very talented. Tell me about your musical and educational talents?
I’ve been playing the piano since I was around five and have gone up to Grade 6 Classical Piano. I love to play a little jazz too. I’ve been a member of Warwick University for Gifted and Talented Youth since I was thirteen.

Have you ever been bullied?
Yes which is why I’ve grown up to avoid associating myself with negative people, because I feel that people only go through bullying if they have something special about them.

What did you do in that situation?
Keep doing what I do best – me.

This issue is the venus vs mars issue. Are women and men that different?
Yes! Men and women think completely different and even though I’m biased women are a whole lot better at multi-tasking! Women don’t get enough credit for all the things they do. Men may have more credit but behind every good man is a great woman – don’t forget it!

What’s the most annoying thing about men?
Men don’t say how they feel!

What do you love most about men?
They give women a logical insight when women are only talking about how they feel!

How did you find the fashion shoot you did for Flavour?
Wow it was a lot of fun and a lot of work! Each outfit just screamed out swagger! I can’t wait to see what I look like doing the matrix!

What plans do you have for 2010?
I plan to graduate at University this year and start getting into the career of journalism. Also gaining as much experience as I can and enjoy my time as Miss Flavour.

Words by Annika Allen and Mary Bello



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