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After being invited to the Madden 17 preview event held at the NFL UK Headquarters, where shown all the latest additions and improvements to Madden 17.

With hands on time to play and test the game, we was excited to check out the new improvements and what the game had to offer. Not only that, we also had some time to have a chat with former New York Giants Outside Line Backer Osi Umenyiora.

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Another year, another season, another Madden NFL game.

Madden 17 starts off with an opening sequence, which throws the player straight into action. Showcasing all the new bells and whistles. Madden has all the features of a good sport simulator: up to date rosters, real life stadiums and also real world NFL TV commentators.

All this together paired with its nice, sleek and fresh graphics, makes you feel like you are there playing the real game of NFL yourself. I am not much of a Madden player but it has always been a game and a sport, that I would have liked to learn and understand about. Madden 17 offers a really good game mode (Skills Trainer) that allows you to play game drills, which help you to understand each play, pass and tackle you make and helps to boost your knowledge of the game.

madden 17 tipped pass

Madden 17 also has many amazing game modes to choose from. Starting with the ‘Play now’ game mode where you can go head to head with the cpu or even invite your friends over, hand them a controller and starting playing against each other.

Next there is a game mode that has been in the Madden series for a few seasons now, which is the ‘Ultimate Team’ game mode, this game mode combines the fun and addictive features of playing a video game and also watching NHL. This is because Madden Ultimate Team is essentially a fantasy football game mode, which gives you the options to open packs, buy and sell cards in the live auction house, in order to build the best team. you can gain by winning, as you can play with your fantasy team online against other Madden Ultimate Team players.

Madden 17 game play
Madden 17 game play

Another great game mode in Madden 17 is Franchise mode, this is where you put yourself in charge of your chosen team and take them all the way in Championship runs, whilst also delivering many new and effective ways to plays and the best decisions to make.

This game mode has been improved, offering more choices, more control, more impact and bigger coaching decisions.

Then there is the Online head to head, game mode which more or less speaks for itself. Online head to head is where you can take your favourite teams in NHL and play against many other Madden fans around the world.

You’ll have fun playing Madden 17 either if you are not an American Football fan, so add it to your collection now.

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