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Whether you’re in search of an easy life or you’re ready for retirement, you may be looking for ways to make money from the comfort of your own home.

Although there are a host of supposed get-rich-quick schemes available on the internet, the chances are that you are looking for something more sustainable. Below, we’ve put together five ways to make an extra income from home.

Run your own bed and breakfast

Hot on hospitality or just have extra space that you’d like to rent out? Turning your home into a bed and breakfast is a great way to work from home and boost your income in the process. Online tools such as Eviivo were designed to take the stress of out of online bookings – offering a way to manage your establishment without needing to hire an accountant and spend weeks designing a website.

Start blogging

One of the simplest ways of making money from the internet is through blogging. Whether you’re passionate about knitting or you’re ready to share your secrets with the world, you can sign up for a free website using a platform like Blogger or WordPress. Post regular content, display adverts from providers like Google Adsense and consider affiliate marketing to make additional income.

Become an expert

With websites such as Fiverr and Freelancer offering new opportunities for individuals across the globe, there’s never been a better time to become an expert and make money in the process. Whether you’re interested in writing content for websites, offering translation services, designing graphics, answering telephone calls or proofreading, it’s easy to make money without stepping out of your front door – and the more experience you get, the more you can charge for your time.

Take part in online surveys

With thousands of companies offering payments and gift vouchers in exchange for your time, taking part in surveys is a great way to maximise your income. If you’re comfortable answering questions about your family and finances, and you’re interested in reviewing products and services, sign up to websites like YouGov to enjoy a passive income that can be generated in the advert breaks of your favourite television shows.

Sell unwanted clothes and furniture

The chances are that you have at least one room in your home packed with unwanted junk – so dust off your digital camera and post your furniture, clothing, books, DVDs and other bric-a-brac on websites such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace. It’s possible to make eBay your full-time career if you sell the right products, so see what you have available for sale.

Working from home can open endless opportunities for more freedom and relaxation. However you choose to spend your time, ensure that you take regular breaks and spend some time outdoors. Walking your dog, meeting up with friends, enjoying a relaxing spa weekend and indulging in retail therapy are all great ways to get out of the house and improve your mental and physical health.