Eye brows define the face.  So when you are doing your makeup filling your eyebrows in will make a real difference. I draw mine on with a ‘Rimmel’ eyebrow pencil £2.99. I like this one because it comes with a brush on the lid. Before you start to fill in your eyebrows you should use an eyebrow brush. Begin brushing the eyebrows upwards then brush them into the shape on your eyebrow. You can use either an eyebrow pencil or eye shadow. ‘Benefit’ has many wonderful products to help define your eyebrows. My favourite is the ‘Benefit Brow Zing Palette’ costing around £22.50. Once you have filled in the eyebrows to keep it nice and fresh spray some hair spray on the eyebrow brush and gently brush it over the eye brow. This will also stop any hairs from straying.



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