For this festive party season, we all want to look our best. With so many parties on the way I thought I would give you a tip to make your lipstick party proof. To get the best results you should use my previous tip about exfoliating the lips.

Apply your lipstick last after your foundation. Before applying the lipstick straight onto the lips, use a lip liner the same colour as your lipstick and follow the line of your lips. ‘Rimmel’ have a brilliant range of lip pencils and they are of good quality and only cost £2.99. Use the liner to also colour in the whole of your lips. Once you have done this use loose powder on a powder puff and press it into your lips. ‘MAC’ sells a really useful powder called ‘Prep & Prime’ it costs £19.50 but lasts forever! Brush the excess powder off and then apply your lipstick. Apply a thin layer all over the lips and use a tissue to dab it down. Once again apply the powder and then apply the last layer of lipstick. This trick should ensure that you are not constantly in the toilet topping up your lipstick and that you have more time to party!