The Ordinary foundation review

Raise your hands if you’ve ever spent a ridiculously large amount of cha-ching on make-up you totally regret buying every time you look at it.

I know I do. I took one look at Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk palette and decided it was going to be the love of my life.

You played yourself

I don’t even wear eyeshadow let alone know how to apply it to the expert level she does! One day I just blinked and next thing I knew, it had arrived at my house. I too was as baffled as my sister on how it had gotten there and why I was £56 short on my account.

Anywho, in order to ensure you never feel this level of guilt ever again (Ha! Fat chance of that happening), today I provide you with a short list of products that you can purchase, whether you’re seeking a dupe, wanting to experiment with an unfamiliar product, or doing “sad shopping”.

(Side note: in case you’re wondering, sad shopping is an activity that I often partake in. It involves lying in bed at about 3 am, scrolling through shopping sites you have no business or money being on, and then purchasing items you have no need of. Sometimes I resist. I have…once.)


Wow…that’s actually pretty bad. *clears throat* Moving on swiftly!

Now, if you’re looking for a concealer with a great thick-but-doesn’t-feel-thick consistency, have I got the ones for you! The first is the one you’ve probably seen every MUA on the planet use—if however, you’ve been living in a pineapple under the sea, I’m talking about the pro concealer by L.A. girl. This concealer comes in 22 shades, excluding their colour correcting one and is…wait for it…£5.

What’s that you say, Ibti?

Yes, that’s what I said, it’s only a fiver. If you’re looking to hide those pesky imperfections that are stopping you from slaying and being the Queen/ King that you are, this 8g squeezy tube is the one for you. Whether you’re looking to hide, highlight or contour, the formula for this concealer is wonderful.

LA girl pro concealer

Now let me blow your mind some more.

rubbing hands

The second concealer I want to mention is Revolution’s new Conceal and Define concealer that comes in 25 shades with various undertones. Legend says it’s as good as Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer and it’s £4.

Revolution concealer

I’ll tell you this; my sister’s eyebrows are POPPIN’ when she uses this to highlight her brow area. So if that’s what you’re looking to do, or if you’re looking to contour or hide blemishes, this is the one for you.

Right, next on the list of my budget buys is foundation. I bought The Ordinary’s Coverage Foundation a while back, and well…

My mum took it. OK, she didn’t take it. I gave it to her because I felt guilty when my dad gave me a look at all the online orders I had coming through our front door. It hurt my very being to let go of it, so if that doesn’t tell you how good it is; I don’t know what will.

This little bottle provides a nice light coverage for those who want to look flawless but in a more au natural way. It’s versatile when it comes to various skin colours and isn’t restricted to either oily or dry skin types. It’s excellent for when you want to just emphasise how good your skin is looking that day.

Let that inner glow show, baby.

The Ordinary foundation

The last product I’d like to mention is Revolution’s Luxury Banana Powder, which has been my best friend these few days that I’ve suffered in the sweltering heat. Giving a smooth matte finish to my face that allows me to control how dewy I want to look that day (cue the manufactured highlight!). I’m generally very anxious (see: heart palpitations and a fear of ashy-ness) when applying any kind of face powder to my skin because I’ve found that in the past they tend to block my pores and thus, cause breakouts. Fortunately, that hasn’t been the case with this one; maybe because I only dust a light amount over my oily t-zone to retain that matte look for a longer duration, but hey, it seems to be working pretty damn well.

revolution luxury powder

All in all, these have been some great purchases on my part, so I think Sad me deserves a pat on the back. These are worth giving a try, if not to actually use, then definitely to tame some of your more impulsive shopping habits because they won’t break the bank (unless of course, you’ve only got like 10p in your account—which unfortunately has happened to me before). But really, I think I’m ugly crying. Where’s all this affordable makeup coming from?

Now go. Go and slay my child. Control your purchases, don’t let your purchases control you…she says as she adds the Huda Beauty Golden Sands Highlight palette to her basket.

Well, at least I tried.