Jenny Mandera

Have you ever, before going out, tried something on at home that is not very fashionable or may not be one of the latest trends right now and realised that it looks really amazingly good on you?

And whilst out you get a lot of attention for your look and people are actually staring at you. This is probably because they like what you are wearing and think “Wow, that looks good on her/him and I would never have thought of putting that together as an outfit ever!” If you have, it might just be the next “must need” outfit! You might not be Rihanna or Sarah Jessica Parker who are huge trendsetters, and you might not end up in a magazine for wearing something innovative and original, but you can still show the world your latest unique look and I’m sure you will get noticed for it!

I have often gotten exactly the response I was talking about from people as they commented on and admired my unique look, to then realise that later on or the next season this or something very similar was actually on the catwalks. I got this reaction when I broke the so called fashion rules when I wore socks with a heel or an open toe heel, trainers with a sequin skirt or a glamorous dress, or when I mixed different prints together, just to mention a few of my rule breakers. Even though the designer who put it on the catwalk obviously hadn’t seen it on you, you had the idea to make that trend too.

Many times more than one designer actually comes up with new similar trends at the same time or the same season; this is because we obviously get influenced by how we think and feel about a lot of different things in the world. So that is the same for you even though you might not be a designer or a stylist, but you might be a person with a lot of ideas or with an open mind in fashion. When you improvise and go on your instincts and what makes you feel good about what you wear, that is usually what will look good on you. If you feel comfortable in something no matter how different or unusual it is, that is what shows and what people will love and that is the making of a new trend.

So you should totally go ahead and experiment with clothes and styles to find and create new ideas and trends. I mean who is to say anyway what is right or wrong in fashion? Who makes the rules in fashion? Ok, the big names in fashion and design are of course huge influences, but do they really decide what the rules are? Not really, as they are breaking them too with their new ideas every season and it becomes fashionable and trendy!

There are a lot of people with talent for designs and styling in fashion out there, now even more so with all the fashion bloggers. You can get inspired by so many different looks and styles, you don’t have to copy anyone but you can still get inspired by them and find your uniqueness. Everyone can find their own personal touch and we all have our different styles and taste whether it’s more subtle or more dramatic. We have to find that within ourselves and we have to try our way in fashion to feel comfortable in our own style and look. You will also evolve with time in your own style to find what makes you feel attractive and good-looking. So if you have the ability to come up with or find new ideas then just please go ahead, get out there and make your own trends!

Especially nowadays where really nothing is wrong! You can mix all types of colours, you can wear a long dress being short, you can wear a tight dress being curvy, boys can dress in skirts, you can mix casual with ball gowns, the stars dress in high street labels. So you can really dress anyway you want as there are amazing looking outfits for all kinds of sizes and shapes.

Being a fashion blogger and also the way I am, people say to me I would never have even thought of wearing what you wear but it looks amazing on you. Maybe it would not suit them exactly, but that’s why you should try things and experiment with your own way of dressing and find what suits you.

So… you do not have to follow the rules at all, instead break them, show it, own it, flaunt it!!! 

Guest article written for Flavourmag by Jenny Mandera

Instagram @jennymandera