Sometimes us Londoners get caught up in the infinite stream of brilliant talent that LDN is blessed with and consequently we can think that LDN is the only hub of pulsing brilliant music but of course that is a massive fallacy. True I think it helps to push your brand in the vibrant city of LDN but music is of course universal and if something is good well then it’s good!

Step to the rostrum the 26 year old singer Malisa Grace who is definitely even more gorgeous in real life (woof woof). For the Leeds native, last year seems to have been the watershed moment. This initially shy but talented singer has (by her own admission) transformed into a confident singer bringing a brand of soulful music where her powerful vocals take centre stage.

Late last year she came with her solid debut track Don’t Know Tomorrow produced by the brilliant OD Hunte the man that brought some of Emeli Sande’s hits. 2014 evidently bodes well as OD Hunte and Malisa push to bring further collaborations to the masses.

Malisa Grace DKT Artwork

Down in LDN for an audition she headed straight to moi for a one on one before heading to a Nigerian wedding with her seven Tupperware containers-jokes she had eight containers!

So I hear you were shy to sing-that does not seem to fit your rather vivacious self.

It has been quite a funny journey for me really. I have always been singing as a hobby since I was young but I was shy and so I would just sing in my bedroom. My mum however was always pushing me to sing in church and stuff and then six or seven years ago I started to sing in the choir but I was not even keen on that!

But you kept going

Well yes and from that I started to develop and I really started to get into it and realise where I wanted to be in terms of a singer. A couple of years ago I started to write a lot and then this year I got into the studio and we [OD Hunte] started on trying to make a sound.

Actually let’s quickly talk about how you and OD Hunter hooked up.

Literally I was looking online and I was listening to a song that he had produced. I really liked the song did a bit of research on him and I decided to meet him at the studio about a year ago. I told him what I wanted to do as an artist and he liked the sound of what I wanted to do and we just started from there. He has had a lot of input into what I am doing and where we I am going but its more guidance because he is not a manager.

So what are you working on then after your debut Don’t Know Tomorrow?

I have another single called Like You Do but we are using that as a plate spinner and people can download that track in exchange for an email. If you listen to it is a completely different song which will be on the album. I will experiment with a few different styles on the album definitely.

Ok lastly any info on that album?

I am working on an album right now; it is soulful it is pop. The thing is the debut album is very much under construction but I hope that the first quarter of next year I will be able to release the album. Hopefully at the time I will have a band and stuff to really push it out there.

Malisa Grace