Chanel unveils a mesmerizing campaign spotlighting the Rouge Allure Velvet Nuit Blanche, a limited-edition lipstick collection, with the enchanting Margot Robbie gracing as the face of the line.

The renowned actress, synonymous with sophistication, epitomizes Chanel’s allure, showcasing a range of matte lip colours designed to make a statement.

The Rouge Allure Velvet Nuit Blanche assortment offers a spectrum of shades curated to capture the essence of nighttime allure. From a sumptuous coral to a daring sienna red and a delicate fresh pink, the collection embodies the elegance of twilight.

Each shade is meticulously crafted to complement various moments under the moon, mirroring the distinct mood and intensity of the night’s progression. Chanel introduces sleek, minimalist packaging in white with bold black accents for this exclusive line, paying homage to the brand’s timeless aesthetic.

This unveiling follows Robbie’s triumphant tenure as Chanel’s ambassador, including her captivating portrayal in the J12 watch series, solidifying her status as a fashion icon.

In the campaign visuals, Margot Robbie effortlessly exudes sophistication, pairing the matte lipstick with a chic black leather trench coat. The accompanying video transports viewers to a cinematic setting, featuring the blonde actress on a movie set, culminating in her watching the final film in a theatre, a captivating finale to Chanel’s glamorous narrative.

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