Mark Walder Releases New Single When I'm Gone

Singer-songwriter Mark Walder has recently announced the official release of his newest single When I’m Gone which is available now via all major digital platforms.

Inspired by some incredibly influential figures such as Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and John Lennon, Mark found solace and strength in music and now as a songwriter uses an observational songwriting approach to write about what he sees, feels and experiences. After witnessing the influence his musical role models were able to have, Mark works to connect with his audience through his integrity and passion.

The single When I’m Gone was written, in collaboration with producer Steve Belgrave, to give comfort to others who have experienced loss. Hoping to speak to each of his listeners through his lyrics, Mark wrote the song to remind us that although we may have lost loved ones, they live on in our memories, and celebrating shared experiences is the best way to honour them.

“My belief is our souls are eternal, and although we may no longer be here physically, we can derive a lot of comfort spiritually from embracing the idea that we are all connected to the natural elements that surround us.”

As the first single to be released from Mark’s forthcoming EP ‘Designer Chains’, the single gives a taste of what to expect from the East London artist.

Listen here