It’s a shame that I didn’t realise what I had until it was gone. The biggest soul act to come out of the UK since Soul II Soul was Floetry!

How I would have loved to see them perform together seeing as I still have their album Floetic on rotation on my Ipod! But I wasn’t hit by the Floetry tip until later!

Low and behold I was lucky enough to find singer, Marsha Ambrosius headlining the UK Soul Jam at the Jazz Cafe!

Ever since Natalie and Marsha went their seperate ways, I have been trying to get music from Marsha’s Mixtape now that she is signed to Dr. Dre’s label, but she’s been keeping everything under raps, until last night!

She graced London’s Jazz spot stage with a bronze jumpsuit and a black blazer looking amazing as she told fans how good it was to be back, performing in the place she knows as home.

Opening the show with a cut from her highly anticpated album was a track entitled Co-Star.She then kept the audience real, letting everyone know that a man “makes her wanna leave her mother’s house!”

Her performance of Take Care had to be my favourite! It was vocally amazing! Showcasing her new stuff, spreading her own wings of vocal excellance and creativity aswell as migrating back to base and doing classic floetic tracks like Say Yes.

Not forgetting, my personal favourite as it inspired me to write poetry, It’s Getting Late, which she mixed in with Michael Jackson’s Thiller so perfectly!

With a plea from her loyal fans, she delivered two extra, unplanned numbers. One being a song entitled Cry. Before embarking on this melody, she opened up and explained that she never got to finish the track, as she was writing it with Michael Jackson. She went into passionate details of to how she spent alot of time with him and his kids, and how deepy saddened she was to hear of Jackson’s untimely passing. As she sat alone at the keyboard, she sung and made me think of the only guy I fell in love with- and I haven’t done that in a while, but that’s what great music can do to you.

Listening to the track, you can hear where Micheal Jackson’s voice was going to do it even more justice. Understandably, the end of this track, she did stop to regain composure as she was overwhelmed with emotions. But ended her set beautifully by singing the song that Michael Jackson made famous. Butterflies by Marsha Ambrosious.



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