Lets say  time travel is a real thing, who would you want to roll around a space time continuum with? The Watch Shop recently surveyed UK sci-fi fans about their views on everything related to time travel, and discovered which franchises the public hold dearest to their hearts. 

33.65% say  Dr Who’s Tardis would be their preferred method of transport. The DeLorean car used by Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy came trail blazing into a close second at 29.2%. 

The series that turned Michael J Fox into a global megastar came out on top as the favourite time travel related franchise however, with a mammoth 22.25% of the votes – not bad considering the last film came out 24 years ago. Dr Who was a close second, taking a respectable 20.4%. 

Doctor who? 

Which Dr did it best? We weren’t surprised to see David Tennant top the list with 32.85% of votes, light years ahead of his nearest competition – series veteran Tom Baker was chosen by just 12.25%. The late Patrick Troughton was the least popular Doctor, with just 1.3% of the votes. 

Sci-Fi fans were vocal about their views on Star Wars, despite the fact that it has never featured a time travel element in any of the six films released so far. 20.45% of those asked would welcome a time travel element into the highly anticipated Episode VII, but almost half (47.45%) were against it. 

When it came to age, there were some distinctly different opinions about which time travel franchise is best. The 18-24 year olds gave Harry Potter a resounding thumbs up, with 34.89% stating it as their favourite. 

The over 55s surveyed were nowhere near as crazy about Hogwarts, with the majority of voters (27.1%) citing Star Trek as their favourite franchise. Captain Spock was also deemed as the perfect time travelling companion for the over 35s, with 15.07% of votes. The shows ‘Guardian of Forever’ proved less popular however; only 3.01% asked would choose it to embark on their perfect time travelling adventure.

You can check out the full results here

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